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Edmodo & Class Dojo

Innotech Fiesta 2013

Sheryl Ong

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Edmodo & Class Dojo

What is Edmodo? Edmodo can be likened to using Facebook.
The interface and functions are similar in
that you post things in chronological order
and you can “like” things by giving a
“reaction” in the form of an emoticon. Picture Discussion Task Another activity is to use Edmodo to practice visual literacy. Students can analyse the features of the visual text and discuss what they think the Purpose, Audience, Context and Culture (PACC) is. Since it is online, students can do some research before answering if they are unsure or provide relevant links. Students are also able to respond to what their friends have written and further develop the argument. Listening Task Class Dojo Class Dojo Class Dojo is a behaviour management system. Teachers can create classes by simply uploading the class list. Student accounts can also be generated so that students can keep track of the points that they have been awarded. Similar to Edmodo, Class Dojo also has a parent code. Parents who want to monitor their child’s behaviour or performance can log on and see what and when their child has been awarded points. Students can take
ownership by designing how their
avatar looks like and since they can
check on what they have been
awarded, this allows them to monitor
their own progress. This also
encourages class participation, as
even the more reticent students would
be inclined to volunteer and answer
questions in class. Our school subscribes
to the Discovery Channel Magazine
and along with the usual worksheets, it
also provides audio clips. One idea is to
upload the audio clip for students to
listen before attempting a quiz which
tests them on their understanding of the
sound clip. To stretch the listening
activity, discussion questions can be
posted. Students can choose to
respond by posting their opinion or
replying to a comment. Edmodo & Class Dojo Teaching & Learning Strategies for English & Literature
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