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Asmae M'nebhi

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

WHAT'S THE PURPOSE OF GOLDEN KEY? HOW CAN YOU GET MORE INVOLVED? Apply for leadership positions: officers elected every Spring
Come to the service, academic and professional events
Go to Society's annual international convention
Go to regional conferences
Read the emails from us+headquarters WHAT ARE THE OPPORTUNITIES? Guide you in applying to Graduate School
Introduced to a group of talented people in all the disciplines
Make connections - networking useful for applying to both grad school and jobs
Job tips/connections with alumnis
Receives weekly emails about scholarships, internships, academic conferences and study programs
Passionate about volunteering? GK is here for you!
At graduation, you get cords! Woohoo! NMRE-New Member Recognition Certificate of membership and awards presented
New Honorary members inducted
Each new student member recognized
Get to know other old/new members
Free food!
Please RSVP for this event as soon as possible The GW Golden Key Chapter Information Session Academics
A + with the GWU Chapter: Social!
Contribute to develop and maintain high standards of education at GWU Academics Academic Night, A talk with Kristen Arbuckle - Peace Corps
Panel Discussion on African Politics and Economics with Ms. Gavian the IFDC Chief Economist LEADERSHIP
Professional Event: Career and Resume Help
Host Honorary Member/Alumni Event
International and Regional Summit SERVICE Global Youth Service Day
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Ronald McDonald House Charity
Make a Difference Day
Restore Josephine Butler Parks Center SCHOLARSHIPS 5 scholarships/2 Grants/10 Awards
2 scholarship awarded annually to each chapter for outstanding Jr and Sr.
Annual graduate scholarship to individuals recognized as "Golden Key Scholars". I AM GRADUATING, WHAT WILL GK DO FOR ME NOW? You are a lifetime member
Annual publication sent to you as long as you request it
You're going to Grad School? -> Remain active and eligible for a GK Scholar Award
You can stay connected to GW GK -> Alumni Network Important Links! Visit our website: http://gwu.goldenkey.org
Who can you email for questions, concerns, ideas?
Ana Buling: ana_b@me.com
Asmae M'nebhi: amnebhi2@gwmail.gwu.edu
Join us on Facebook: GW Golden Key
Follow us on twitter: GW Golden Key @GWGoldenKey
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