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Oil Skimmer

No description

Makenzye Jennett

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Oil Skimmer

807-631-6491 or 807-632-4617
kelly46_@hotmail.com or MakenzyeJ@hotmail.com
Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
How to choose an appropriate skimmer

- Improved product quality
- Increased production efficiency
- improved water efficiency
- Addressing environmental concerns
-skimmed oils that have value
- Easy to use
- Very effective
- Simple
- Dependable
There are several types of industrial oil skimmers. Choosing one depends on what the oil spill is like.
Oil Skimmers
The Professional Life of
By: Jennett and Kelly
Why skim?
Oil Skimmers use wiper blades or pinch rollers, to remove the oil from the surface.
- Belt Skimmers
- Disk Skimmers
- Drum/ Barrel
- Mop Skimmers
Other types:
Motor Types
Choosing The Right Belt
We learnt lot about oil skimming, doing this project. We hope you did too! Hope you enjoyed. If you have any major questions please call: 800-358-7546 (this is an actual factual oil skimming number.)
How it works

Different types of machines
- Large Tube Skimmers
- Mini Tube Skimmers
- Floating Suction Skimmers
Operating conditions
Removal capacity
When an oil skimmer has a higher rating it is more likely to be chosen
Water Content:
the amount of water mixed with oil, effects the oil skimmer.
If the machine is portable it is easier to use and maintain at other sites.
Tank or Sump Characteristics
Size, design and shape have a big impact on how skimmers are chosen.
Another big factor is location and installation.
-Any standard or exceptional electrical requirements
-Explosion Proof -DC Motors
-Drip Proof -ATEX/ European Motors
-Dirty Duty
- Food Service
-Wash Down Duty
When choosing the right belt, you need to make sure that it fits the Oil skimmer properly
xoxo Jennett and KK
Hazardous Materials: I
f flammable or explosive special equipment
Temperature/ viscosity:
when warm, the oil is easier to control, a heater is used in cold temperatures so the oil doesn't solidifies
Effects on the environment!
Oil spills effect everything around it. Everything it touches it coats with a black sticky substance. Oil particles can be poisonous. If it touches an animal it can harm them in different ways, some leading to death.
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