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Evolution of the Bearded Dragon

No description

Jade Hutt

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Evolution of the Bearded Dragon

Evolution of the Bearded Dragon
Its main preys are insects, mice, and leaves and its main predators are birds, snakes, and crocodiles.
They can grow up to 24 inches long, but that it is including their long tail. So the lizard itself really isnt that big.
A self defense weapon that they often use is the lizard's beard that will puff out to intimidate others.
The bearded dragon elevated from dinosaurs.
They are also very social creatures and live in hot places like the desert or some forests. They all originate from Australia.
The bearded dragon's color is tan to yellow which makes for a good self defense because they blend into the desert sand. Some different kinds of bearded dragons can be a dark gray.
They aren't much of a threat to other animals, they don't really have a weapon either. Their claws aren't that sharp, the lizard is pretty small, and its top speed is only 25 mph.
In 5 million years its body will have grown up to 30 inches long and their speed is 30 miles per hour, making them faster and bigger and catching more prey causing them to get even larger than before.
25 million years its body size has doubled and its speed is 50 miles per hour, it has developed sharp teeth and kills anything it can. Its body has adapted to live in colder temperatures which is giving it new prey and predators.
In 50 million years their body size has gotten up to 80 inches long and is a very vicious creature. Its sharp teeth rip apart prey of every kind, and it has few predators now. Its adapted to cold harsh weather and its legs and arms have gotten longer and stronger.

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