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Arachnid (Spiders) Prezi

My intense obsession of Spiders and Archnids

Daniel Franklin

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Arachnid (Spiders) Prezi

SPIDERS Basic Spider Facts: - They only have 8 legs and sometimes they may have less. - They have two body segments instead of three. - They have eight simple eyes instead of two compound eyes. - They have no antennae. - They never have wings. - They are never herbivores, only carnivores. - Spider's are in the classification called Arachnids. - The name Arachnid comes from the Greek myth of Arachne, who was a mortal who could spin and weave beautifully. And because she thought she was the best weaver, she challenged the Goddess Athene (who was disguised as a old woman) to a spinning contest, and Athene was so angry that she lost, she turned Arachne into a spider, so she could do nothing but spin for the rest of her days. - There are about 34,000 different arachnid species around the world. -Male spiders are usually smaller then the female spiders. Here are some of the many types of spiders I will be discussing about with you... The Fringed Ornamental Spider The Mouse Spider The Yellow Sac Spider The Chinese Bird Spider The Red Back Spider The Brown and Chilean Recluse Spider The Black Widow Spider The Six-Eyed Sand Spider The Brazilian Wandering Spider The Sydney Funnel-Web Spider QUIZ TIME! How can you tell if a spider is a female or a male?

a) Size
b) Fangs
c) Legs
d) Colour Spiders are considered herbivores.

True or False? Some spiders have wings.

True or False? This spider has the nickname "the toilet spider", which spider is it?

a)The Black Widow Spider
b)The Red Back Spider
c)The Mouse Spider
d)The Funnel-Web Spider The Mouse Spider
~These spiders are in nearly every country imaginable in the United States.
~In some cases, a venom bite of a Mouse Spider is quite similar to a Funnel-Web Spider.
~Which is quite venomous...
~Considered one of the most venomous spiders in the world... The Red Back Spider
~This spider is mostly found in Australia.
~Gets the nickname "toilet spider" because it hides in hard to see places and crevasses.
~Some of the symptoms if bitten by a Red Back include: pain, sweating, vomiting and weakness in the muscles.
~It prefers dry areas and would be found most-likely in the outdoors.
~Considered one of the most venomous spiders in the world... The Brazilian Wandering Spider
~Mainly found in the tropicals of South America.
~Also known as "the banana spider" because they are mostly found in bunches of fruits.
~At night, they prowl the jungle floor rather than hide.
~During the day, they hide in places such as termite mounds, under fallen logs or rocks, and banana plants.
~Considered one of the most venomous spiders in the world... The Black Widow Spider
~Black widow's are mostly found in temperate regions in the world.
~The females body is roughly around 1.5 inches long but males have longer legs and usually yellow-red bands and spots in their immature stage.
~A female widow carries an hourglass on her abdomen while a male does not.
~Females are the ones known to only bite, the male does not.
~Considered one of the most venomous spiders in the world... The Sydney Funnel-Web Spider
~Mainly found in Sydney, Australia. But other funnel-web spiders are found in Eastern Australia, Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania.
~One bite or even a graze from the spiders venom toxin can lead to severe illness and must be sent to the hospital immediately.
~Considered one of most venomous spiders in the world... Out of all the spiders we discussed, in order from highest to lowest, which spiders are the most deadliest?

1)The Funnel-Web Spider
2)The Mouse Spider
3)The Black Widow Spider
4)The Brazilian Wandering Spider
5)The Red Back Spider Finito.
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