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Science ABC Book

bBy: Timothy Yerger

Timothy Yerger

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Science ABC Book

Timothy Yerger's Science ABC Book A is for atoms
the basic unit of all living thing B is for biomes
biomes are the climate we live in C is for cycles
like the rock cycle and
the nitrogen cycle D is for diagrams
like the Hertzspung-Russel E is for endoplasmic Reticulum
it makes protein and transport materials in a cell F is for force that acts on your body when you move G is for Galaxies
The Milky Way is the galaxy we live in H is for heat like
Thermal and mechanical I is for infrared
the waves are longer then visible light J is for joules the uint for force k is for Kinetic energy
the term for energy in motion L is for lab safety M is for Matter everything is made of matter I am made of atoms I live in a grassland biome The rock cycle has 3 main types of rock,metamorphic,ignous and sedimentary Ours sun is the size of normal stars. Endoplasmic Reticulm is in a cell The book has a net force of 2 newtons. We are on one of the arms of the Milky Way Thrmal and Infrerad are the same thing kinetic energy is what a rollercoaster has while it is moving it is very important to have lab safty so no one gets hurt. Solid, liquid and gas are the 3 states of matter Nonrenewable resoures can never be reused. Gas is a nonrenewable resoure. O is for outer planets like pluto and saturn Jupiter is an outer planet to. P is for Planets like earth and mars We live on the 3rd planet from the sun Q is for quartz that is a hard rock that sparkles Quartz can be diff. sizes and shapes R is for red shift which is if a star is moving a way it turns red on the map Stars are always moving out so it happens all the time S is for speed the distance an object travels in a given time. I do not move at a very fast speed T is for tornados that are whrling wind that form over land We live in tornado ally U is for unbalenced forces
forces that makes things move You have unbalanced force act when you walk V is for Vertebrate
animals with bones I am a vertebrate W is for wind that is called by air pressure Amarillo is a very windy city X is for xylem
a tissue in plants that transports water Xylem is in the full plant because the full plant needs water. Y is for year
a period of time that earth makes 1 revolution There are 12 months in a year Z is for nucler membrane
a membrane that controls what goes in and out of the nucleus. There is a nucler membrane on every nucleus in our body Work Cited
ScienceSaurus Student handbook
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