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Science Fair

No description

Pamela Rogers

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair

by:Pamela Rogers Science Fair Chemistry of Ice-Cream Making: Lowering the Freezing Point Hypothesis Procedure Materials Results Abstract
Have you ever made your own ice cream? If you have, you probably surrounded the ice cream container with ice and rock salt to get the mixture cold enough to freeze.
In this science project, you will investigate how dissolving chemicals in water changes the freezing point solution.
Andrew Olson, Ph.D, and Terik Daly, Science Buddies The ice and cream will turn into ice cream faster
in the freezer. - Thermometer capable of reading at least -10*C.
- Large Styrofoam cup (12 ounces)
- 100 mL graduated cylinder
- Gram balance (accurate to 0.1 grams)
- Disposable cups (8 ounces)
- Test Tubes (about 18 millimeters)
- Table salt (sodium chloride)
- Ice
- Water
- Spoon
- Small spoon or scoop
and a Permanent Marker. Preparation Of Ice Bath

1. Pour milk, whipping cream, sugar, and
(vanilla or chocolate) into the small Ziploc bag.
Squeeze as much air out as possible and seal
the bag.( Make sure the bags aren't leaking.) The thermometer was at 40*C and when put into
the ice for the vanilla bag dropped 20 degrees. (20*C).

The thermometer was also at 40*C for the chocolate ice cream bag. The temperature changed from 40*C to 10*C.

And lastly the thermometer for strawberry was also at 40*C and when put into the ice changed to 15*C. Will the cream freeze faster if I put it in the freezer or keep shaking it up and let it turn into ice cream? Problem Conclusion 2. Fill gallon size bags a quarter full with ice.
3. Use a thermometer to measure the tempature
of the ice in the gallon bag and record the temperature.
4. Add salt to the bag of ice.
5. Place the sealed quart bag into the gallon
bag and seal securely.
6. Mix the contents by shaking the bag violently.
7. Continue to mix the contents of the bag until the contents of the quart bag have solidified into ice cream.
8. Record your mixing method.
9. Once done put your ice bags in the bucket or sink. My hypothesis was incorrect.
It did freeze faster but didnt make ice cream. So the ice cream making mostly went successful in the baggy.
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