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Beowulf (lines 1251-1491)

No description

Shelby Desaulos

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of Beowulf (lines 1251-1491)

Beowulf (lines 1251-1491)
As the warriors sleep in the mead-hall, Grendel’s mother, a horrible monster in her own right, descends on Heorot in a frenzy of grief and rage, seeking vengeance for her son’s death. When she falls upon and seizes a sleeping man, the noise wakes the others. The warriors seize their swords and rush toward her. The monster panics and flees, still carrying her victim, Hrothgar’s trusted adviser in her grasp. Beowulf, having been given other sleeping quarters, is away from Heorot when Grendel’s mother makes her raid. By the time he arrives at the hall, she is gone. The warriors discover that she has stolen Grendel’s arm as well.
Main Characters
Mother of Grendel
Hrothgar's closest friend
Hero of the story
Strong and courageous
Prince of Geats
Mother of Grendel
Monster that Beowulf kills
Kills Aeschere as revenge for her sons death
Hrothgar's closest friend (Aeschere)
Hrothgar's trusted adviser
Old Danish warrior
Killed and beheaded by Grendel's mother
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