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Family Tree

No description

isabelle Brocato

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Family Tree

Orestes wants to be free of his misery, so he travels to Apollo's Athens to plead his case to Athena.
He wants to be purified, and over the many years, his guilt did slowly fade away.
The Odyssey
Clytemnestra + Agamemnon

Iphigenia Electra Orestes

Family Tree
Agamemnon kills his daughter Iphigenia in order to have "good winds" on the Army's trip to Troy
He was told to sacrifice his daughter on an alter.

His wife: Clymenstra
His children: Orestes (son), Iphengia, and Electra (daughters)

He sacrificed his daughter (Iphengia)

He was killed by Aegisthus because he loved Agamemnon's wife

Orestes was the son of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon

Aegisthus killed Agamemnon, so when Orestes grew up he wanted revenge upon Aegisthus.
Aegisthus kills Agamemnon due to his love of Clytemnestra
Orestes kills Aegisthus to avenge is father's death.
lover of Clymenstra

killed Agamemnon

Story line
Orestes wants to seek revenge for his father's death and kill the killer: Aegisthus.
But killing Aegisthus would not be enough Orestes' sister Electra thought.
Orestes wants to kill his mother because his mother Clytemnestra and Aegisthus were lovers and killed their father.

Analysis of Agamemnon and his Children
By: Christie, Isabelle, and Blake

Married to Agamemnon but secretly was Aegisthus' lover
Ruled with Aegisthus after he killed her husband Agamemnon in order to be king
The daughter of King Agamemnon and Queen Clytemnestra
Together she and and her brother Orestes planned revenge on their mother (Clytemnestra) and stepfather (Aegisthus) for killing Agamemnon (their father)
Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra

Killed by Agamemnon
Orestes believes it is his duty to avenge his father's death.
More needs to be done, but Orestes cannot kill his mother without being abhorrent to the gods and other men.
If he did, he would become a traitor to his father and the murderer of his mother.
Orestes does not want that, so he goes to Apollo for help and advice.
Orestes and his cousin and friend, Pylades, go back to Orestes' childhood home.
They surprise Electra, who has been waiting a long time for her brother.
Electra had gone to her father's tomb and prayed to "guide Orestes to his home."
It worked. Orestes appears and Electra is grateful for him.
Passage Analysis
''All, all is yours,
The love I owed my father who is dead,
The love I might have given to my mother, And my poor sister cruelly doomed to die.
All yours now, only yours.''

This passage shows that Electra loves her father and wishes she could show affection toward him. Also, she would show affection to her mother, but her mother is in love with Aegisthus, who has made Electra "wretched." Orestes reminds Electra of her father, and Electra is so happy when Orestes returns to her. He is the only one left to love. She happily loves her brother.
Orestes, Pylades, and Electra make a plan to kill Orestes' and Electra's mother.
With the plan, they then go to the palace to tell messengers that Orestes had died.
The news calms Clytemnestra and Aegisthus who fears Orestes.
Then, Orestes and Pylades make a surprise attack.
Clytemnestra sees Electra and tells her she is commiting treason by helping Orestes by letting them in the palace.
Clytemnestra knows what was about to happen and gets her battle ax to fight for her life.
She pleads to Orestes for her life, and he wants to spare his mother, but Pylades will not let him.
Orestes must obey the gods
Orestes kills his mother
He is haunted after he kills her.
Orestes starts imagining women surrounding him and not leaving him alone.
No one can see the women but him.
He says killing his mother did it to him.
Orestes leaves his country and does not come back for years.
He wanders through many lands and sufferers because he killed his own mother.
He says he has learned from it.
Apollo is proud of Orestes for following his commands, but Orestes takes the full blame for killing his mother when he talks to Athena.
Athena accepts his plea and then persuades the avenging goddesses not to go after him anymore.
The evil that haunted Ortes is gone forever.
(Love causes Aegisthus to kill, but allows brother Orestes and sister Electra to be reunited.)
(Orestes avenges the killing of his father by killing his mother.)
(Orestes and Aegisthus)
(Orestes feels regret after killing his mother and he is haunted.)
(Athena forgives Orestes and he forgives himself.)

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