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Election Project 2012

No description

Zach Caldwell

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Election Project 2012

Our Candidate Robert Haar, 40-year-old Protestant white male
Moderate Democrat
Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Obtained his bachelor's from University of Pennsylvania in political science; went on to study law at Harvard
Married to his wife Virginia for 15 years
Has three children: Todd (9-year-old son), Lily (7-year-old daughter), and Kevin (3-year-old adopted Nigerian boy)
Former governor of Florida
Running for president to pursue his four-point plan to save America Jobs -Tax cuts to small businesses to encourage growth and employment
-Encourage the relocation of outsourced jobs to American soil
-Open up more government jobs, and provide support for veterans coming home
- Start up projects to improve infrastructure, which will require both skilled and non-skilled labor.
-Encourage the creation and retention of jobs in education, because that is the most important industry for the future of this country
-Also the search for alternative renewable energy sources will provide many jobs in the areas of biodiesel production, solar, wind, and water power. 2012 Robert Haar Health Care -Reduce and eventually cut out the role of insurance companies and provide state government mandated health care by reducing the defense budget and asking the wealthiest Americans to help out with slight tax raises.
-Allow consumers to choose to pay an extra sum to the government to get private health care if they choose.
-Provide free care for the poorest Americans to keep everybody healthy and hopefully catch life-threatening and expensive ailments before it's too late.
-Like Sweden, we will give the responsibility of handling funds and plans for the new health care system to the states in order to keep the power in the hands of the people.
-With luck, the health care system will not be categorized as "socialism" because it gives the administrative power to the states instead of the national government. Energy Independence & Alternative Energy Sources -Start a plan to reduce and later completely eliminate America's reliance on foreign oil, focusing on elimination of Saudi Arabian and Iranian drilling of crude oil, minimal drilling in Alaska and Canada, and eventually complete elimination of drilling.
-Find alternative, renewable sources of energy, which will be cheaper, more efficient, and better for the environment. These include wind energy, solar energy, and hydrogen, with a general emphasis on emission-free, renewable resources.
-Automobile companies should prioritize the production of hydrogen-powered vehicles. Rewards will be given to corporations that produce or advance alternative energy-powered vehicles. Our administration would work to make 50% of all vehicles emission-free by 2030.
-Compromise with the Environmental Protection Agency about their blocking of federal and state drilling permits. Distribution of permits should not be at a standstill (the chilling of crude oil pipes from could lead to corrosion, which would deepen the current environmental crisis); rather, they should be given as infrequently as possible, and eventually progress to the cessation of permit distribution.
-Wind and solar power would be harnessed to their highest capacity: our administration would promote solar and wind powered buildings and homes, with a significant reduction in taxes for such businesses and families that install solar panels by 2020, or fund the production of wind farms across America. Budget & Deficit -Our country is over 16 trillion dollars in debt, and the number continues to grow by the billions each and every day. We need to reduce our debt by lowering our yearly budget and increasing yearly government revenue.
-Our administration will reduce our country's massive national debt in half within 8 years, and continue to reduce our debt until it is erased around the year 2030.
-We will gradually, not drastically, reduce our enormous budget over the following eight years; the majority of our cuts will come from the Department of Defense, the program which we spend by far the most money on every year. However, cutting solely from the Department of Defense will get us nowhere. We will additionally make minor cuts to discretionary programs such as education, transportation, and environmental protection in order to tackle the monster that is our debt. Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will currently be left alone.
-Furthermore, another way to lower our pile of debt is to increase government revenue, and we will do that by adding a SLIGHT tax increase on families that have a yearly income of $250,000 or more. Battleground States Ohio Winner of Ohio almost always wins election
Population of women is slightly above national average, therefore we will focus more on women-related issues (i.e. abortion & birth control)
#1 most important issue to undecided Ohio voters is economy; we will propose our plan to fix the deficit and save our economy
State has a high population of veterans; we will appeal to such veterans and promise them benefits Florida Home-state advantage
Large elderly population; we will focus on swaying the votes of the elderly with our Health Care reforms
Very large Hispanic population; we will also focus on the creation of jobs in the state as Florida has one of the highest unemployment rates (8.7%)
Also has one of the largest veteran populations in the country; again, cater to veterans by promising veteran benefits in the workforce Pennsylvania Elderly population for the state of Pennsylvania is 2.3% higher than the national average; therefore, we will focus on swaying elderly voters with our Health Care reforms
Number of women is higher than the national average; lock in on issues that women value highly (abortion, birth control, and economy)
Another state with a high percentage of veterans; again, we'll guarantee these veterans benefits in the workforce and other areas of life such as health insurance and retirement funds
We'll stress the creation of jobs as Pennsylvania has a relatively high unemployment rate of 8.2% Michigan Michigan has an above average number of African Americans; our administration will grab their votes by focusing on resolving racial issues (i.e. racialized poverty)
We'll also guarantee to create jobs because Michigan has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation (9.3%)
Lastly, we promise to not let Detroit's auto-industry fall into the abyss it was in four years ago. We ensure it will thrive as long as we're in office. Nevada With a population that has more young voters than the national average, we will get their votes by telling them about our plans to fix education and its skyrocketing prices
Nevada also a state with a very large Hispanic population; to please that demographic, we plan on discussing racial issues such as immigration
Most importantly, we will create jobs in Nevada, the state with the highest unemployment (11.8%)
Furthermore we want to fix the awful housing market that exists in the state Wisconsin A generally Democratic state, the most important issue for undecided voters is the economy. We'll inform these voters of our plan to fix the economy and reduce the deficit.
Wisconsin's elderly population is slightly above average, so we also plan on telling them a bit about our Health Care reforms
Unemployment in the state is average (7.3%), but we still want to reduce that rate by creating many more job opportunities New Mexico Young voter population is significantly over national average; education is one of the highest priorities in this state
New Mexico by far has the greatest percentage of Hispanic people living in the state; major issues relevant to them are what we will focus on (such as immigration and racial equality in the workplace)
High Native population; can easily secure their votes by promising to keep their land their own
High poverty in the state (18.4%); we'll lower it by creating more, well-paying jobs, despite the already low unemployment rate (6.4%) Colorado Above average population of younger voters; again, talking about education is key with them
Hispanic population is larger than the national average by 4.2%; secure the Hispanic votes by catering to their important policies
Relatively high unemployment rate (8.0%). We will, again, promise to create well-paying jobs to lower this number and to increase average income
We promise to impose strict gun control laws so tragedies such as the shooting in Aurora never happen again
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