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About Characters in "Antarctica's Life"

In this Prezi you'll get to know more about the characters. From heroic Antarctica Hikari to the foul Akulah Taylor.

Mel T.

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of About Characters in "Antarctica's Life"

Antarctica Hikari

Age: 13-14

Weapons: sacred fan, sacred bow & arrow, blocking chi, and powers

Clan: Radiance clan

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Chase Taylor

Personality: Powerful, loving, kind, helpful, and keeping her loved ones safe

Pet: polar bear dog/ Name: Moonlight

Parent: Cresselia and Reginald Hikari

A powerful young teen she-wolf. Determined to keep the world from harm. Her mother gave birth to six healthy pups, but got sick afterwards. She was the only one left, and her mother brought her to the Oasis. An ancestor that’s a spirit gave her her powers to keep her alive. Number one goal right now is to find her father with the help of her friends. Antarctica is the reincarnation of the spirit, Oasis, which gave her her powers. Who will know on what becomes of Antarctica Hikari. Age: 13-14

Weapons: powers from his mate

Clan: The Wolves of Darkness clan to The Radiance clan

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Antarctica Hikari

Personality: charming, loving, kind, helpful, keeping his loved ones safe, and easy jealous

Pet: none

Parents: Akulah Taylor, mother unknown/ disappeared at age four

A brave young teen wolf. When he as four years old his mother disappeared. She was the only one that cares about him. His father, Akulah, has always been discussed with him. His father treated him like a servant instead of his own son. Switched clans to help his mate and to keep others safe from harm. He had found the love of his life, his mate, the person who cares about him, Antarctica Hikari. Always by his mate’s side. Discussed by his father wanting his mate for her power. He will always be a kindhearted wolf. Chase Taylor Antarctica Hikari Age: 13-14

Weapons: sword

Clan: Radiance clan

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Phelan Unmei (oon-may)

Personality: gentle, sweet, smart, always helpful, and easy to break herself esteem

Pet: none

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Moon

The younger sister of Emily Moon. Her voice soft as a lily. Always gentle, never loud. Her hair white as the snow on the arctic ground, light blue at the tips of her hair. Try to give her help, even if it’s a bad suggestion. The thing is every time people shout at her—mostly her sister—she loses herself esteem, and goes quiet for quite a while. But sometimes instead of losing herself esteem she gains more. When she fights; she feels like her, even if her weapon is just a sword. Megan Moon Age: 14-15

Weapons: sword

Clan: Radiance clan

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Seff Unmei (oon-may)

Personality: quiet but at times things she says are rude, arm folder, whatever girl, and a great fighter

Pet: none

Parent: Mr. and Mrs. Moon

The older sister of Megan Moon. Likes to boss around her little sister, and says that she’s always wrong. Well, that’s not entirely true. She actually cares about her sister. Of course all people that have siblings say that they hate them with all their heart, but somewhere deep in their soul they love them. Also, even though she seems like she doesn’t care for other wolves, she does. What are you going to do about it, you can’t change a person. Emily Moon Age: 34-35

Weapons: his personality

Clan: The Wolves of Darkness

Enemy: Antarctica’s Hikari, Cresselia Hikari, and the pack of Antarctica Hikari

Mate: disappeared

Personality: being evil

Pet: none

Parent: deceased http://www.antarcticaslife.weebly.com Click here to go to the official website: Akulah Taylor Picture coming soon All done all the main characters are here Last updated: August 27, 2012 Personal history will be added soon Age: 14-15

Weapons: staff

Clan: The Wolves of Wisdom clan

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Aphealia Braveos

Personality: smart, thoughtful, heartfelt, lots of courage, sometimes to jittery, and keeping his loved ones safe

Pet: none

Parent: Raul Chie (Raul in German name meaning “wise wolf”) and mother (unknown name)

A strong teen protector wolf. The leader of the P.W.A of The Wolves of Wisdom clan. The son of the leader of the clan. He was the first person to join the pack of Antarctica Hikari to help find her father. Ever since Randal was a kid he dreamed of going on adventures and dangerous missions. Now he is with his new friends. He vowed to Antarctica Hikari that he will help as much as he can to help find her father. At first Chase got a little jealous of how he looked and treated Antarctica. But at the end he turned out to be a nice guy. Randal Chie (Ch-yah) Picture coming soon Age: 13-14

Weapons: wolverine claw

Clan: Cat Kingdom: Cheetah territory

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Amadi Lightning

Personality: smart, curious, asks lots of questions, fast runner, fantastic jumper, and a great fighter

Pet: none

Parent: none (after cheetahs learn how to hunt they leave their parents)

Nalna Katreasious was first seen in Cat Kingdom a.k.a South America, helping Antarctica Hikari from being attacked by another cheetah. Nalna has always been curious about Antarctica’s powers. She even wondered more when Antarctica turned her into some what a human. She still had her blonde colored hair, with spots on some parts, ears, the black markings that go down her nose, and claws. Nalna Katreasious
(cot- tree- sh-us) Picture coming soon Age: 14-15

Weapons: throwing stars

Clan: The Northern Wolves clan

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Densetsu

Personality: smart, curious, quiet, civilized, and a great fighter when she wants to be

Pet: none

Parent: Sir and Lady Harmony

Princess of The Northern Wolves clan, one of the biggest wolf clans in the North and South Poles. She was the first ever to be possessed by Akulah Taylor. She was possessed to capture Antarctica and bring her back. With the help of Antarctica she was able to be free from the necklace that possessed her. Daciana was very grateful when Antarctica saved the moon spirits. Well not exactly Antarctica. It was Yang using Antarctica’s body to be a physical human. Daciana Harmony Age: 113/ if normal human: 13

Weapons: powers

Clan: The Northern Wolves clan

Enemy: Akulah Taylor, and anyone that will harm people she truly cares about

Mate: none

Personality: keeping her loved ones safe

Pet: none

Parents: Deceased Spirit Glacier Personal history will be added soon Picture coming soon Age: 14-15

Weapons: sword

Clan: Animal Kingdom

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Randal Chie (Ch-yah)

Personality: great dodger, tough when she wants to be, and princessy when she want to be

Pet: none

Parent: king and queen of Animal Kingdom

The daughter of the King and Queen of the Animal Kingdom. Her best friend is Amadi Lightning. Even though Amadi is an animal on the streets, an orphan cheetah, Aphelia, she likes to guard her clan. So when she not in the palace being a princess she gets in her fighting/ casual clothing and guards the outside territory of the clan. When she’s in the palace, her parents have to allow her to change into her palace clothing. Aphealia doesn’t care as long as she gets to guard her home, and to fight. Picture coming soon Aphealia Braveos Age: 13-14

Weapons: pet griffin

Clan: human village

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Megan Moon

Personality: gentle, sweet, smart, always helpful, and easy to break his self esteem

Pet: griffin

Parent: abandon with his bother at one years of age

Phelan is the younger brother of Seff. Phelan is always the guy that talks. Even for his brother sometimes. But when he was little, her never liked to talk. He was always the shy guy. Now since he’s not as shy, and plus his brother was always the cool guy, he had boosted up his self esteem. Also with the help of the best friend, his pet griffin, he always seems like himself when around his best friend. Phelan Unmei
(oon-may) Picture coming soon Age: 14-15

Weapons: pet griffin

Clan: human village

Enemy: Akulah Taylor

Mate: Emily Moon

Personality: quiet but at times things he says are rude, arm folder, whatever guy, and a great fighter

Pet: griffin

Parent: abandon with his bother at two years of age

Seff had known his parents more than Phelan. Every time he asked his younger brother about their parents, all Phelan says is, “I don’t remember them.” He had always loved his parents, but never forgave them for abandoning his brother and him at a human village. He has to accept the truth, his parent aren’t coming back. It’s destiny that their parents abandoned them. If they didn’t, they would have never met Antarctica, or her pack, or his mate, Emily Moon. Seff Unmei
(oon-may) Picture coming soon All i need to do
is draw the rest It stands six feet tall, twelve feet long, five feet wide in the front, and three feet wide in the back. Its eyes can come in different colors, but most commonly is dark brown. The front of their body is like a bear, and the hind legs are like a dog’s. Also their claws aren’t retractable so the show at the tip of their toes. They stand on all fours. They can run up to fifty miles an hour. Their tail is twenty inches long, or to simplify it it’s long almost to the ground. Their tail is very fury, not fluffy. Their average weight is about a little over 1,400 pounds. They have a thick layer of white fur to keep warm, and to camouflage into its surroundings. Their fur is white, and is soft as satin.

They can survive in any kind of habitat, but their main habitat is in cold, snowy climate. That’s why their fur is thick. They are wild animals, but can be domesticated for transportation, and hard labor. That’s why their upper body is like a bear’s, so it’s built for the labor they would do. When they live in the wild, they travel in a pack. Their main shelter is their pack. If there’s no shelter to be found they would huddle close together, and keep each other warm. But if the find a hill or cave it would be better for their pups. A better chance of their pups survival. If they do find shelter it would be in the opposite direction a storm is heading. They are very smart animals, and care about their packs survival.

They are omnivores, but most commonly eat meat. Also since where they live, it’s impossible to find plants. They find their food by smelling for it, or by the sound of water. They would hear out of their floppy soft ears. They mostly eat fish. But they can eat any kind of mammals, mostly small ones. Such as hare, seal, and any kind of meat in the arctic.

They closely related to polar bears, and have a hint of a dog’s complexion. Their lifespan is just like a human’s, about eighty, but they can live longer than a 100 years. They are very kind, but when it comes to protecting their family they will protect under any circumstance. About Polar bear dogs Moonlight Picture coming soon
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