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OS Intro 2013

what OptometryStudents.com is all about

Jeannine Gutierrez

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of OS Intro 2013

The Core Leadership Team is a dedicated team of students which operates OptometryStudents.com.

Each student has a unique position in the management of the website and works alongside other students to help achieve our mission and help move our profession forward.
Our Mission
Our #1 goal is to make sure that the future of optometry moves in a positive direction. We feel that student involvement in our profession today means that when they become doctors they will continue to be involved and this involvement is the key to optometry’s success.
Who We Are
OptometryStudents.com is a website designed for the students by the students. It is simply an online magazine that provides students with content to help them succeed throughout optometry school.
The positive growth of optometry lies in the minds of the students
Better Students = Better ODs = Better Optometric Profession
The Core Leadership Team
Constant Growth
We are always taking on new team members and you can apply if you are interested! We even let students make up their own position so long as it brings value to the brand.
We use news stories, articles, case reviews, student highlights, clinical pearls, video interviews and web tools to deliver this value.
OptometryStudents.com also has a page for the AOSA where their entire team of trustee’s posts articles relevant to AOSA operations and optometry announcements.
For Yourself!
OS and our dedicated team will be there for you and for optometry to ensure that we are pushing the bar for our profession and creating a fun and real experience for you!
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