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Laura Morland

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Laura Morland
We have an exclusive Vision Express range developed in conjunction with Heston Blumenthal - which we are extending and promoting later this year. How would you use Paid, Owned and Earned Digital Channels to really bring this to life for a 4 week period?
The Brief:
Profile: Heston Blumenthal
Celebrity chef - TV shows such as Heston's Feasts, Heston's Fantastical Food & Heston's Mission Impossible
Owner of The Fat Duck restaurant - awarded three Michelin stars, voted best restaurant in the UK & received 10/10 score in The Good Food Guide every year since 2007
Known for his eccentric gastronomic creations - Heston has collaborated with top scientists to create his unique dishes
Glasses are key element of Heston's image - whilst working as a Support Helpline Assistant for Vision Express, I received several enquiries from store colleagues who had been asked where Heston gets his glasses from!
The Heston Blumenthal eyewear collection offers Vision Express customers an exclusive range of designer glasses that are quintessentially 'Heston'.

The Target Market
As with any marketing campaign, it is essential to understand the target market. After interviewing people who are already Vision Express customers & those who use other opticians, I believe the typical
Vision Express customer
to be...
Fashion Conscious
Vision Express has more
designer brands

than anyone else
More concerned with
customer service
than getting the lowest price for eyewear
Understanding that
Eye Health
(not just eyesight) is important
Vision Express have over 100 ways to
test your eyes
, including Digital Retinal Photography
Leading a
Busy Lifestyle
Vision Express offer
services such as Reserve & Collect, One Hour Service for frames, Contact Lens home delivery, etc
The Range
The Objectives
The overall marketing objectives for the campaign are:
increase awareness
of the Heston Blumenthal eyewear range
increase sales

of the Heston Blumenthal eyewear range
The digital marketing campaign I have put together will achieve these objectives by encouraging both current and potential Vision Express Customers to:

with the Vision Express brand through digital channels and
their experiences with others online
the Vision Express
and view the Heston Blumenthal range
a Vision Express store or
an appointment to
the Heston Blumenthal range
digital promotions - providing the opportunity for data capture and future
Website Ads
I would schedule a series of
banner ads
on popular UK websites, increasing awareness of the Heston Blumenthal range and driving traffic to the Vision Express website

Retargeted Ads
Facebook Ads
Newsfeed Ads
Column Ads
Specific interests
Broad interests
After researching Heston Blumenthal, his work and the Vision Express range, I believe the
target customer
for the eyewear range to be...

and fine
Looking for eyewear that
stands out from the crowd

Fashion Conscious
Keeps up to date with the latest

Food Connoisseurs
programs and
in the home
Digital ads displayed on websites frequently visited by the target market will raise awareness of the range and drive potential customers to the Heston Blumenthal area of the Vision Express website
GIF ads would be used to add interest and draw the eye to the ads.
Retargeting works by using cookies to keep track of visitors to the Vision Express website and the products they look at

Ads displaying the products they have clicked on will then be shown to them when they visit other sites

Once a visitor has selected a Heston Blumenthal frame on the Vision Express website, that specific frame (alongside others they may also have clicked on will be displayed in the form of an
interactive banner ad
Because the ads display the specific product(s) the visitor has shown an interest in, this form of advertising generates higher
click through

The ads can be
for different time periods (how soon the ad will be shown) and will not be shown to visitors who have already converted through the website
Google AdWords
When people search for Heston Blumenthal on Google (or a partner site), an ad will be displayed at the top of the page or in the right hand column,
driving traffic
to the Vision Express website

Google AdWords are
so there will only be a cost for each click through to the website

There is no minimum spend and the campaign can be
to the available budget
The campaign
click-through rates
(as well as the Google Analytics for the VE website) would be
on a daily and weekly basis to see which search terms, messaging, days and times of the day perform best. The ads could then be
to produce the
optimum results
Spotify Ads
Spotify is a commercial digital music service that allows users to stream music from millions of artists

There are a number of ad formats on the platform including display, audio and even interactive microsites
Spotify offers
based on demographics, location and music genres, as well as a
service which will provide insights into how well the ads are performing
Vision Express Website
There are a number of
improvements that would enhance the visitor experience of the Vision Express website

I have focused on promoting the Heston Blumenthal range using the existing layout and functionality, in order to demonstrate the
potential that small (low-cost!) improvements would make
Adding the Heston Blumenthal brochure imagery to the homepage and linking it to the range area of the site would immediately draw people's
to the distinctive
design elements
of the frames and encourage them to
click through
for more details and images
Heston Blumenthal Range
I would suggest making the landing page of the Heston Blumenthal range more visually exciting by featuring a slide show of the images used in the Inspecs brochure.

I would also offer the Inspecs brochure as a 'page turner' application (e.g. issuu) for website visitors to browse through and share on social networking sites.
The 'Pin It' Button
Currently, if someone likes specific frame on the Vision Express website they can '
' the image to a pin board on their Pinterest account. This can then be seen and either liked or pinned to other people's pinboards
Images from the Vision Express website have already been
with others:
Adding the 'Pin It' button to each frame image would encourage people to
the image to their Pinterest board
The images can also be
via Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter, further extending
and encouraging people who like the frame to
the VE website
Pinterest Account
Following on from the 'Pin It' button, a Vision Express Pinterest account would provide the opportunity to further
the Heston Blumenthal range (as well as other eyewear ranges, services and promotions) and enourage further
with the VE brand
Rich Pins
There may also be the opportunity to use 'Rich Pins' in the future - a strategy that many American retail brands have found useful

Rich Pins display information about the
of the displayed product and can
encourage sales
Facebook Competition
A Facebook competition would be a good way of engaging with potential customers and raising awareness of the range

I would suggest a simple sweepstake promotion to win a meal for two at Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck restaurant and an exclusive Heston Blumenthal frame with prescription lenses
The Vision Express Facebook page cover image would promote the competition and a series of posts encouraging people to enter would be scheduled throughout the four week period
Facebook ads promoting both the range and competition will raise further awareness. They will also drive traffic to the website and to the Vision Express Facebook page
The Facebook ads can be cost-per-click or cost-per-impression and a daily, weekly or lifetime (beginning and end date) budget can be set up and will not be exceeded

The click through rates would be monitored on a daily and weekly basis to identify which ads/images/target audiences perform best. these elements can be modified throughout the four week campaign to maximise their impact
Instagram Competition
Instagram is an online photo sharing app used on Apple and Android devices. The photo content generated by users can be shared via Facebook and Twitter and several brands have had success using it to spread the word about their brand or product.

As the target customer is tech-savvy, I would suggest trialling an Instagram competition to measure interest and the potential for using the platform for future interaction with customers.
The Instagram competition would be promoted on the website, Facebook and Twitter as well as low-cost leaflets and/or posters in stores
The competition would encourage people to visit stores and try frames that they like

Interaction from friends on social networks would help spread awareness and encourage sales
Entrants would be required to 'Like' the Vision Express Facebook pages, as well as supply in their email address. This would provide the opportunity for future communication from Vision Express

The competition would also offer extra entries for sharing the competition post with Facebook friends - furthering awareness of the competition and the range
I believe wearers of the Heston Blumenthal range appreciate this distinct quality, and that the design elements of the range should be a focus for the digital marketing campaign.

Making use of culinary-inspired design elements and capturing Heston's flair for the creative, the signature range offers glasses wearers something a little different from the norm.
The Vision Express Twitter header image would feature the Heston Blumenthal range artwork to increase awareness
Promoted tweets
Promoted tweets target users
by keyword in the timeline,
interest, geography and device.

This could be used to raise
awareness of the Facebook
and/or Instagram competition, and would encourage interaction with Twitter users
Promoted Accounts
Promoted accounts (Who to follow) could be used to increase Twitter followers

These can be targeted to users by geography, interest or gender and are charged as pay per follow
A series of posts promoting the range (with links to the website) and the competition(s) would be scheduled over the four week period

All tweets mentioning, retweeting, quoting or interacting with @VisionExpress, the Heston Blumenthal range (#VEHeston) of Heston Blumenthal would be monitored and responded to in a timely fashion
YouTube Channel
At present the Vision Express YouTube channel is lacing any branding ans seems to simply be a method of embedding videos to other social media channels

I would suggest using the Vision Express logo as the icon and adding artwork from launching eyewear brands (in this case Heston Blumenthal!) much the same way as the Facebook page and Twitter feed is kept up to date
Adding the YouTube icon to the website would also encourage visitors to view the videos already on the channel and potential subscribe to it
Electronic Direct Mail
Depending on the database of customers Vision Express currently holds, I would also recommend sending out an electronic direct mail to customers who are in the target market to promote the range

The EDM would also offer a method of booking an appointment online to view the range and an incentive of a free eye test if they choose to buy a Heston Blumenthal frame
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