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Differentiation in High School Chemistry

See how a team of chemistry teachers differentiates the bonding unit.

Sarah Eales

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Differentiation in High School Chemistry

Facebook Project Student create a facebook style poster with information about their assigned element Differentiation in Chemistry Why differentiate?
How do you differentiate?
-within a single classroom
-within multiple classrooms Differentiation in Sarah Eales
Peachtree Ridge High School
NSTA 2013
San Antonio, TX Speed Bonding Students fill out background information about their ion
Students who complete the background information participate in "bonding" with 10 ions Team Review
Levels 1-6 Students are placed into heterogeneous groups and complete review (atomic structure and compound formulas/names) Team Review
Clicker Game Students are placed into heterogeneous groups. In these groups students may work together to complete a review sheet before the clicker game begins High School Chemistry Unit Activities
* Facebook Project
* Speed Bonding
* Team Review (Levels 1-6)
* Team Review (Clicker Game) Bonding Unit *Students must use prior knowledge of the periodic table
*Linked to bonding unit through pictures and compound names/formulas
*Differentiated through difficulty of element (ex. hydrogen vs. cobalt) *Students who cannot complete the background information are remediated with one teacher
*Differentiated by difficulty of ions *Students are asked to fill in charts which are checked for accuracy before moving on
*Students earn points for each level completed
*Students peer teach *Students are assigned questions based on level of difficulty
*Students peer teach Ne - Neon Hand Clicker to: 30 30 Name: CO2 Hand Clicker to: Transition Metal
Noble Gas In NaCl, chlorine is a(n): Ne - Neon Hand Clicker to: He - Helium Start of Round 1
Hand Clicker to: Pass the clicker to the appropriate person each round
NO shouting out answers
NO helping your group members

All of these infractions result in point deductions for your team. Bonding Review Game Guidelines Team Clicker Game

Unit 4 Review 30 Transition Metal
Noble Gas In SnBr4, Tin is a(n): Transition Metal
Noble Gas In NaCl, sodium is a(n): Ar- Argon
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