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Romeo and Juliet - Character Map

An introduction to the characters and relationships of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Ms. Paruk

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet - Character Map

Romeo Montague Lord Montague Lady Montague Romeo's Dad. Helped start the feud between the families Romeo's Mom. She dies of grief when Romeo is banished. The 16 year-old son and heir of the Montagues. He's impulsive, romantic, and idealistic. Mercutio A relative of the Prince and Romeo's close friend. Benvolio Romeo's cousin and friend. Nephew to Lord and Lady Montague R.M.
J.C. But who are the rest of these people? Prince Escalus Has political power in Verona. The Prince is a kinsman of Mercutio and Paris. Juliet Capulet The daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet. Juliet is a brave, beautiful, 13 (almost 14) year-old girl. Lord Capulet Lady Capulet Juliet's Mom (although The Nurse did most of the parenting). She encourages Juliet to marry Paris, having married young herself. Juliet's Dad. He demands she marry Paris. He loves his daughter but doesn't understand her. Tybalt Juliet's cousin. He hates the Montagues. She raised Juliet from infancy and cares a great deal about her. The Nurse also really loves dirty jokes. The Nurse Paris He is a kinsman of the Prince. He Wants to marry Juliet. ? And the rest of the players? Friar Lawrence Friar John Marries Romeo and Juliet. Helps Juliet plan and execute faking her death. Given task of telling Romeo (banished to Mantua) about the plan to fake Juliet's death. The Apothecary Illegally sells Romeo poison. The Chorus Drops by every so often to keep the audience up to date. No wonder there's so much drama... Sampson & Gregory Servants to Lord Capulet Peter Servant to The Nurse Abram Servant to Lord Montague.
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