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Launch of energy drink in Russian market

the whole process what when how where why for whom

Aleksandr Vashchuk

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Launch of energy drink in Russian market

Energy Drink in Russian Market PESTLE Political and Legal
Environmental Competitors Red Bull, Burn and Adrenaline Rush are 78% of energy drink Russian market
Alcohol energy drinks: the shares of «Happyland» (the Red Devil brand) and Berklee Capital S.A. (the Jaguar brand) account for about 12%
Other 10% divided between 20 companies Description of our Target What product did we have before
What was the proposals
How we would achieve them Future perspective Legislations
tendency of consumption
Ban of energy drinks Product Info Cans 250 ml (81rub/can)
Bottle 500ml
Price per liter : 324 rub Cans
250 ml (56 rub/can)
500 ml (72 rub/can)
price per liter : 224 rub 250ml (75 rub/can)
Price per liter : 300 rub Cans 500 ml (55 rub/can)
Price per liter : 110 rub Political and Legal: Government Regulation of Competition
Centralized government decision-making
Ban on the production and sale of energy drinks Economical: GDP per capita increasing
FDI decreased
Target group – middle class people, computer geeks, night club`s lovers
Price oriented on middle class
Penetration from North-West to Moscow
Sales will grow till reach 162.5 million litres in 2015 Social: Prestigious to drink
The level of urbanization is high
Finnish products have high-quality reputation
Named with Latin letters
Distribution to clubs, sport centers, shops
Average consumption per person -128 ml per week in 2010 Technological: Production outside Russia- cost reduction strategy, high value brand image
Transportation- trucks or trails
Poor road and railroad connection
Production in cans Environmental: Production in cans- easy to recycle
Russian do not much care about environment Pricing: Price strategy like competitors
400 ml
6 euro per liter
2.4 euro for can Distribution channel: S Group through Prisma
Russian distributors
Then vending machines, night clubs etc Promotion
campaign Monthly release of video clip on YouTube
Some small promotion campaigns with usage of leaflets
Sponsorship of geek events
Special launching campaign for new energy drink
iPhone and Android game
Social media VK.com Package and appearance
Brand, logo and name
where to produce
Standardization or adaptation
Test before launch
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