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Narrative Exercise

No description

Sherry Covey

on 8 August 2013

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Transcript of Narrative Exercise

The Roots:
- think of your families' history/roots/traditions/values.

1) What are some family roots in your life?
2) How important are they to you? (past/present)
3) Do these roots influence today?

The Ground:
- Represents you life today, daily activities you do, work,
education, responsibilities, hobbies

1) What does your 'ground' look like on any given day?
2) What are some things that influence your daily life/ground?
3) Is your 'ground' fairly secure or insecure? (Smooth or rough)

- represent your future goals

1) Do you feel your future goals are attainable?
2) What do you need to reach your goals?
3) Do you ever have goals (hopes/dreams) for others in your life?

- these are the important people in your life

1) Who are the people that play an important role in your life and your happiness?
2) How do they influence you?
3) Do you feel you've played an important role in their life? Explain.
- these represent physical or verbal support you have been given by people

1) What are some explains of supports you have been given, especially in rough/difficult times?
2) How did they help and support you at that time?
3) Have you ever reciprocated them?
- your strengths, abilities, talents, skills you have (currently)

1) What would people say are your strengths, abilities, talents, skills?
2) What do you feel are your strengths, abilities, talents, skills?
3) Is it easier to see your strengths or faults? Explain.
Narrative Exercise:
The Tree of Life

- How was did you find this exercise? challenges/ease
- How did it feel to be the therapist/client?
-Was it easier to start the conversation (sharing your thoughts/feelings) using your tree of life?
- Do you feel as if it provided you with a pathway to share your story (a structure/systemic guideline)?
- What would be some of the strengths of using this type of activity?
-What weaknesses (if any) are there?
-Do you think you might use something like this in your practice?


In groups of 3 you are going to role play
- 1 person will be the client
- 1 person will be the therapist
- 1 person will be a significant other (parent, friend, relative, partner)
- The client: you will choose 1 strength (from any area) and share it
- Therapist: you will listen and start a discussion about the strength
- significant other: you will listen and reflect on how this helps you understand the client's perspective
-switch roles so each person is the client
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