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Yearbook Marketing Intro Prezi

WMHS yearbook intro to marketing and advertising the book

Tom Panarese

on 15 August 2012

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Transcript of Yearbook Marketing Intro Prezi

Yearbook believe in what you're selling Marketing: the action or business of promoting or selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

This means getting the word out and convincing people to buy the book.

And if you're not really behind it, it's going to show. five methods to advertise Home mailings and customized marketing
All-calls & e-mail blasts
Posters and commercials
Facebook & Twitter
Events convince them it's crucial We need to send a message that this lasts for years and is something you'll always cherish... Tradition and Memories It may seem cliche and trite, but this seems to still be an incredibly effective way to advertise to students. go "professional" and "slick" A simple message can get noticed if the production value is of high quality.
Make a commercial that looks like it really could air on TV and you'll get it noticed. point out how much is in the book We are always trying to diversify our coverage. Let's show how many different types of people are in the yearbook. make it look cool The commercial should provide all the necessary information, but should be the type of things that people want to see over and over. Present in a way that's
fresh and exciting So when do we start? Use current or catchy pop music. We start right now!

Flyers through homeroom.
Posts to Facebook and Twitter (get your friends to follow and like us)
Mail home in October-November
Promote urgency when price goes up in February.
Have constant contact with students and parents throughout year. We have a challenge Last year's book left us in debt
We need to sell more books
Question is: how do we do that? know who you are selling to STUDENTS
They buy the yearbook
They sign the yearbook

Convince them it's something they
have to have! PARENTS
They have the money

Convince them it's worth it to spend $65-$70 on a yearbook! the rule of five For a consumer to remember what you’re selling, where they can buy it, how to pay for it, and have the desire to buy it over something else they could buy with that same money, you have to get your message to them at least five times. commercial messages and methods Use sentimentality angle

Important for friends, memories. promote exciting new features Did we add something to the book that wasn't there last year? Advertise that! be creative with your pitch Can you present in a way that is clever and hasn't been seen before? Do it! YOUR ASSIGNMENT (DUE NEXT CLASS)

Five ideas for promoting the book
One idea per method of promotion.
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