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Video Games

This was a school project for 7th grade.

SKIpedy PressEnter

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Video Games

Game 1: Game 2: Game 4: Goal Start Video games have been a lot of people's favorite hobby
since when video games just came out. Minecraft is one of the most popular indie sandbox games of all time. The last time it was checked, Minecraft for the PC/Mac had 10,693,134 downloads and continuing. Amnesia: The Dark Descesnt Isn't it cool that technology can let you play amazing things? Video Games by Christina Galbraith, Sydney Thiery, and Sebastian Judnich We're going to show a few videos about a few video games that we like to play.
:) Slender: The Eight Pages Minecraft And now for something less scary... Slender is a game where you are in a forest and are trying to collect eight pages while running away from Slenderman. Let's watch a video and see what it's like. Here's a video that shows you what it's like. It's a scary game overall, but it's pretty fun. There's a lot of different kinds of games, such as: simulation, puzzle, 1st person shooter, action, adventure, RPG, MMO, and many other kinds. Pretty scary, right? Thanks for watching!
:D Did you know that the first video game was made in 1947? It was called the Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device. More Specifically, PC Games and one XBox/PC game... Amnesia is a survival horror game that takes place in the year 1853 in London. You play as a man whose name is Daniel. He wakes up to find that all he can remember is his name, that he lives in Mayfair, and that he is being hunted by someone. The following video is a trailer from 2010 of what the gameplay is like. Game 3: Portal 2 Portal 2 is a game where you use portals to solve puzzles through the Aperature Laboratories. An artificially intelligent computer named GLaDOs rebuilds the laboratories the more you progress further. GLaDOs is voiced by Ellen McLain. We originally were going to upload a video of Sydney and Christina playing Portal 2 for XBox, but due to format problems with the computer, we were unable to even edit the footage and make it shorter... A long time ago video games were simple 8-Bit platforming (or maze) games. But now, with the technology people have today, there are all sorts of awesome 3D games out in the world. So here's a trailer instead.
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