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No description

Natalie Ferguson

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Cloning

What is Cloning???
You might know it from popular movies...
Dolly the Sheep
Ethics of Cloning Humans
What are your thoughts?
Go to the group with your article color
More Practice on Cloning
Let's think about what we know...

An egg cell has 23 chromosomes
A normal human cell has 46
Do Now
What would happen if we took out the nucleus with 23 chromosomes, and then just added another nucleus with all 46 chromosomes...?
That is what cloning is!!!
Try it for yourself! Click on the FIRST link in direct on Edmodo!
In 1996, scientists cloned a sheep to end up with Dolly the sheep! First successful cloning!
BUT Dolly died only at the age of 6....why do you think?
IF we have cloned sheep and animals, why don't we clone humans???
Cloning Dogs?!?!
I will be able to apply the concepts of genetics to the process of cloning BY reading an article and helping my group fill in a 4-Square Summary.
Click Link #2 and then compare/contrast
Use your group to help explain!!!
Check what you got!
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