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Romanesque Art

No description

Kira Sandoval

on 18 October 2018

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Transcript of Romanesque Art

Romanesque Art
Autun Cathedral Tympanum
Santiago de Compostela
St. Foy, Relics and Reliquaries
Durham Cathedral

Apsidal Spaces
Important Vocabulary:
Christ and Disciples on the Road to Emmaus.
Cloister of the Abbey of Santo Domingo, Silos, Castile, Spain. Pier relief, figures nearly life-size. c. 1100.
Reconstruction Drawing of Cathedral of St. James, Santiago de Compostela. 1078-1122.
Cathedral of St. James, Santiago de Compostela.
Galicia, Spain. 1078-1122.
Plan of Cathedral of St. James, Santiago de Compostela.
Pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela
Reliquary Statue of Sainte Foy (St. Faith). Abbey church of Conques, Conques, France. Late 9th or 10th century with later additions. Silver gilt over a wood core, with added gems and cameos of various dates. Height 33" (85 cm). Church Treasury, Conques.
More info on Sainte Foy:
Reliquary Arm, ca. 1230
South Netherlandish
Silver over oak; hand: bronze-gilt; appliqué plaques: silver-gilt, niello and cabochon stones
West Portal, Cathedral of Saint-Lazare. Autun, Burgundy, France. c. 1120-1130 or 1130-1145.
Durham Cathedral, England. 1087-1133.
Detail of apse, church of San Climent, Taull, Catalunya, Spain. 1123. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona.
Apse of the Church of San Clement Rome. 1128.
Gothic Art
Upper chapel, The Sainte-Chapelle, Paris. 1239-1248
Virgin and Child. Auvergne region, France. Late 12th cenury. Oak with polychromy, height 31".
Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Paris, France. Begun in 1163.
More on the Autun Tympanum:
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