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1980's Fashion

Tiffany Bean

Tiffany Bean

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of 1980's Fashion

Tiffany Joy Bean 1980's Fashion 80's Punk Fashion 1. Punk is about rebelling against any and all social things.

2. The less reasons for rebellion the more punk it becomes.

- Multicolored mohawks
- Bleached Hair
- Spiked wrist bands
- Spiked Collars
- Shredded clothing 80's Hip-Hop Fashion 1. Hip Hop fashion and music and culture was called a fad throughout the 90's.

2. 80s Hip Hop was the loudest expression of African American subculture.

- Adidas jump suits
- Adidas Shoes
- Multicolored finger rings
- Thick gold chains
- Kangol
- Jheri curls 80's Rock Fashion 1. Girls would bring home a brand new t-shirt or sweatshirt and then cut the neck off of it, so it would hang off one shoulder. This trend came into play with the movie "Flashdance" came out.

2 Madonna's style in the mid-'80s was a huge influence on girls.

- Banana clips and headbands
- Long necklaces, often several of them,
- big earrings and many.
- many bangle bracelets.
- plastic, colored sunglasses,
- fingerless gloves,
- bright tights
- leg warmers. 1980's History 80's Fashion Facts 80's Fashion Facts Shoulder pads- Shoulder pads are found in shirts and dresses. These were popular because women wanted to make their shoulders appear larger.

Business suits- Business suits come in skirts and pants. These also had an emphasis on big shoulders. Suits also came in many colors: black, navy, also light colors, such as, green, blue, and pink.

Shawls- Shawls were worn for many occasions. Women wore them with tank tops during the day and with evening gowns at night. They were designed using a wide variety of colors, patterens, and materials.

Leg warmers- Dancers wore leg warmers in order to keep their muscles warm (apparently, the leg warmer keeps them from getting muscle cramps and injuries).

Parachute pants- Theses were tight, shiny pants made of synthetic material--the stuff used to make parachutes. These pants were originally created for break dancers who needed pants that could stand up to the abuse of break dancing. They typically featured multiple zippers to add to the edgy feel. Wore mainly by men. Gym shorts- Gym shorts are an article of clothing typically worn by people when exercising.

Tights/leggings- Leggings were the mainstay of 80s fashion, and were worn with everything from puffball skirts to cotton dress - and sometimes just on their own with a crop top and some legwarmers.

Sweaters Tied Around The Neck- This was a sign of social class. If you had money, you wore sweaters tied around your neck to make you seem preppie.

Neon Stilettos- Neon was another big part of 80s fashion. It appeared on dresses, pants, leggings and shoes. 1980s shoes were high, super-pointed, and so bright you needed sunglasses to look at them.

Srunchies- Bolder and louder than the average hairtie, scrunchies Whether done up in sparkly fabric or just simple solid colors, they not only kept side ponies and long hair in check, they doubled as wrist accessories 80's Fashion Facts Glasses- 80's glasses were called shutter glasses. They had bars across the frames. These now days are like 3D glasses.

Jewerly- In the 80's pearls, charm bracelets, and gold, hoop earrings were popular. The bigger the better. If your earrings were hiding behind your hair. You would go get bigger earrings.

jelly shoes/sandals- Jelly shoes are shoes that are made out of a rubbery, jelly-like substance. Glitter was eventually added into the jelly shoes.

Smiley faces- Smiley faces were designed in the '80s to be a psychedelic drug culture. They were a positive symbol of good towards other people. They were hugely popular in T-shirt and pin form.

Fanny packs- Fanny backs were little bags that clip around your waist that held change for pay-phones. They come in many different colors. Today's Fashion Careers In 1880 Ronald Reagan became the 40th President of the United States of America, he won by a landslide against Jimmy Carter. Mount St. Helen in Washington erupted and killed 36 people. The movie Dukes of Hazzards came out in 1880. In 1882 Bob Marley who was a Jamaican reggae musician died. In 1883 a television show called M*A*S*H ended after 251 episodes. In 1884 Los Angeles hosted the Olympic Games. In 1886 Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson got married and became the Duke and Duchess of York. Also the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded after take-off. In 1887 Bill Gates who was 32 years old founded Microsoft and it became a microcomputers first billionaire. Also in 1887 black Monday world stock market share prices crashed. Lastly, in 1888 George Bush defeated Michael Dukakis for the US Presidency. In today's fashion you see all kinds of styles from different eras coming back. From the 80's era we have leg warmers, leggings, pointy-toed stilettos, high top sneakers, splatter prints, shoulder ruffles, chunky bangles, and blazers. You will see many of these items everyday. Leggings have made a huge comeback. Leggings come in all kinds of different colors, shades, styles, prints, etc. High top sneakers are huge right now too. Nike, and Adidas both are making high top heals. Illustration
Illustration is the art of creating images for the sake of visual communication. It is the process of being able to get across an idea, concept or emotion through an illustration, Illustration has been around since cave men. Illustrators of all kinds are encouraged to have a firm foundation in two-dimensional design. Instruction in computer-related software and also, most places require a knowledge in history.

Advertising is communicating delivered in a message to a specific audience. History on fashion would be a good idea to know for this career because you would know what sold well and in what time period. Then, you can maybe decide how to attempt to sell through an advertisement.
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