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Social Media and its Use in Education

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clara lazarre

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of Social Media and its Use in Education

Implementing Social Media in the Classroom
There are many different blog platforms

Blogging can help students form critical opinions on topics discussed during class.

Students can make journal entries, respond to readings and see and track their writing development in a sequential view

Social Media
Social Media are computer mediated tools that allow people to create, share, or exchange information, ideas, and pictures.

The Basics:
What is Educational Technology?
Educational technology can be defined as a number of factors.
Wikipedia defines educational technology as "as a design science or a collection of different research interest addressing fundamental issues of learning, teaching, and social organization.

Twitter in the classroom can be of much value. Teachers can create interactive hashtags or trending topics that the students can use.

Students can also "tweet" their classmates between discussions to help build critical thinking.

Studies have shown that students that use twitter have higher GPA's in the classroom.

Why I chose Social Media
90% of American adults own a smart phone
250 million users on Facebook
More job are requiring you know how to use social media platforms

Youtube videos have a plethora of value in the teaching environment

Students can create their own videos to share with classmates

Studies have shown that Youtube increased participation, personalization, productivity.
Benefits of this project
With Facebook you can creates a class group that allows for the students to communicate with you and post questions.

This could could be used inside and outside the classroom.

Creating a class page that students can "Like" to keep up with announcements

Teachers are also using a "Fakebook" website which is a Facebook dupe website specifically made for classrooms
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