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March Madness

No description

Tyler Capps

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of March Madness

Explain the different ways marketers take advantage of March Madness.
Now days people have the opportunity to make brackets with huge money rewards if they are perfect. Also the make little clips to entice people and grab their attention.
What is Ambush Marketing? Is it Ethical
The practice by which a rival company attempts to associate its products with an event that already has official sponsors.

No if an event already has official sponsors then they should just back off. The event managers already made their choice, they should just realize they need to step away.
March Madness is about more than just basketball, list three companies mentioned in the article that are taking advantage of march madness and explain their marketing plan.
Quicken Loans promised 1 Billion dollars to anyone who filled out their perfect bracket.
Pizza Hut is giving away free wings to teams with mascots with wings.
Burger King is sponsoring a big 3 on 3 tournament and they seem to be on every commercial break.
what other local companies/organizations are jumping on the March Madness marketing bandwagon?
Domino's and Buffalo Wild Wings are using March Madness to market also
What is CBS doing to improve the economic utility of March Madness this year?
To improve the economic utility of March Madness they are making an app so you can view games and stats on your phone and people without cable can watch too.
March Madness
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