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Sabre Tooth Tiger

By Derec and Jamie

Ms Christian's Class

on 30 October 2016

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Transcript of Sabre Tooth Tiger

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The saber tooth tiger became extinct some time in 10,000BC
The onset of the ice age was the main reason for their extinction
A saber tooth tiger can open its mouth at an angle of 120 degrees
The smallest member of the saber tooth tiger family the Smilodon Gracilis weighed about 150 pounds
Saber Tooth Tiger
Paleontologists have found over 2,000 saber tooth tiger skeletons in tar pits near los angeles
By Derec & Jamie
The saber tooth lived in grasslands and shrubby areas
the Sabre Tooth Tiger is a mammal
while the sabre tooth used to hunt for its food it did not mind scavenging a meal or two
A saber tooth tigers teeth are about 25 centimeters long
its tooth
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