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Worm Farms

How do wormfarms help us and why?

dahel grigoriddiss

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Worm Farms

Worm Farms How do warm farms help us and why? How worm farms help step 1 worms breck down food scraps
into fertilizer step 2 Then you put the fertilizer
on the ground to help
plants grow how Worms Help They help the soil by digging
around to make it clean. They can breck down
food scrapes. They make compost to help
the garden grow. Why we need worm farms To help farmers grow crops
to give us fruit and veggies. To make lot's of clean
soil. These are worms :):D Topic I think this is about facts! I think this is about feelings! I think this is about data! Worm farms have a plastic
box to keep the worms in. Worm Farms Some worm boxes have
holes and thats for worm
wee. What worms do with dirt They make bad soil good soil Worms make mulch What worms are good for? They are good for
the environment and
help the planet. they clean up fruit
scrapes. They clean soil. worm Farms When worms break down food scraps
they don't release house hold gases
into the atmosphere Worms make a great liquid
fertilizer which you can use
for your garden THANKS
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