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Taking Control of Your Weight

No description

kimberlee kile

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Taking Control of Your Weight

The Global Epidemic Taking Control of Your Weight How did we get so fat? More calories- many from refined carbs (bad) Bigger portions (table 9-1, page 182 in book)
Fast Food is the Devil Physical inactivity passive entertainment Modernization- it's a fact that people that have to drive
to get anywhere are more likely to be obese than those
who can walk to various destinations Socioeconomics- the less $ you make, the more likely you are to be fat Prenatal factors Childhood development Genetics- Genes are definitely involved in obesity but there is still no cure for obesity Emotional influences How many calories you need depends on:
Body-frame size
Percentage of body fat
Basal metabolic rate (BRT)
the # of calories you need to
sustain your body while it is at rest Body Mass Index
(BMI) a ratio between weight and
height, determines body fat BMI over 25 is overweight
BMI over 30 is obese OBESITY is the point at which excess weight
increases the risk of death OVERWEIGHT is the point at which
there is a risk of disease Waist Circumference
Wasit- to- Hip Ratio (WHR) general rule of thumb is 35"
for a woman, and 40" for a man Divide hip measurement into waist measurement...
Women- 0.80 or less
Men- 0.90 or less Other ways to measure fat...
Skinfolds Fat Measurement
Home Body Fat Analyzers
Lab Methods
Many Dangers of Carrying Excess Weight include... Type 2 diabetes- more than80% of people with this disease are overweight Heart Disease and Stroke- more likely to have high cholestrol Cancer Hunger- the physiological drive
to consume food Appetite- the psychological desire to
eat, influence, and control our desire for food Satiety- a feeling of fullness and relief from hunger MANY different kinds of diets Low- carb
Low- fat
Low- calorie Avoid Diet Traps like diet pills and diet foods. If
it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. *The best way to lose weight is to do is slowly,
by eating healthy and working out The yo-yo syndrome is unhealthy Extreme Dieting- preoccupied with what they weight and what they eat Compulsive Overeating- Eat constantly and without control.

A food addiction. Binge Eating- the rapid consumption
of large amounts of food in a short period
of time DISORDERS Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa How to Manage Weight Be realistic
Note your progress
Adopt the 90% rule
Look for joy and meaning beyond your food life
Try, try again Precontemplation
Action and Maintenance Food Journals/Diaries
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