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Food Boxes

No description

Samantha Flikkema

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Food Boxes

Food Boxes

The purpose of food boxes is to help farmers keep there farms sustainable, increase their income, help people save money, and to keep people on a healthy diet.
Sustainability in Food Boxes
Food boxes are made up of unsold food from the farmers field. food share participants purchase the food boxes, helping the farmers use up their crop. there is less waste, more food sold by the farmer and buyers eat healthy, nutritious food.
Our goal is to get people involved with food boxes so farmers farm's will be sustainable.
Janelle, Ariel, Samantha
What are Food Boxes?
Food boxes/FoodShare was founded in1985 to direct hunger in Toronto, and make sure everyone has a good amount of healthy food. Food share contacts to over 155,000 children and adults per month selling fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms to many families.

What's Their Purpose?
Fresh Produce
FoodShare chooses fresh produce grown in Ontario to support farmer, reduce fossil fuel, and know how and where they were grown. Every box consists of top-quality fruits and vegetables grown at local farms that can contain corn, squash, lettuce, cucumbers, apples pears and many more.
The Cost of Food Boxes
Large good food box - $18
small good food box - $13
Large organic box - $34
Small organic box $24
wellness box - $13
Fruit box - $13
Families save about $9 a month from food boxes and good food distributes an approximate1.8 million dollars of food produce annually.
FoodShares goal was to increase the income of farmers and make reasonable prices for families. They wanted to join families and communities with fresh vegetables and fruits and improve the communities health.
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