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The Folk-Metal Subculture

No description

Daniel Barbour

on 8 June 2011

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Transcript of The Folk-Metal Subculture

Folk Metal:
A New Metal subculture Origins Skyclad: The First Folk Metal Band Influenced by both Jethrotull and Metallica
Skyclad began the folk metal genre in 1990.
Along with Irish bands Waylander and Cruachan they originated the idea of fusing European folk music with various forms of Heavy Metal. An Example of Skyclad's
Early Variety of Folk Metal Explosion of The Subgenre Modern Folk Metal In the late 90s folk metal began to grow greatly in popularity, particularly in Northern Europe. Bands like Finntroll, Eluveitie, Turisas, Ensiferum, put their own twists on the genre, combining it with symphonic metal, death metal, and different kinds of folk music than had been used before, such as finish Joiking and humpa Ensiferum, one of the frontrunners
of the modern folk metal scene The Subculture Folk Metal Fashion Like other metal genres folk metal fans are mostly spotted by band shirts relating to that particular genre, however specifically in folk metal some fans have started wearing chainmail, bracers, Mjolnir Pendants, and other similar items Religion in Folk Metal Many Folk metal bands are inspired by old religions
and mythologies such as norse and celtic mythology
There is generally an anti-christian sentiment within
the genre as well, some members of the subculture are
self professed pagans and worship the gods of the old
religions Members of Tyr and Moonsorrow Refute Claims that they support Nazism Paganfest and other similar folk metal festivals
Bring large groups of folk metal fans from various
areas ogether to celebrate the genre and watch various
folk metal bands
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