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Copy of Types of Conflicts

No description

Breana Foust

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Types of Conflicts

Person vs. Person
Person vs. Nature
Person vs. Self
Types of Conflicts
Person vs. Society
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Person vs. Nature is a conflict between a character and an element of nature. (External conflict)
An example of character vs. nature is the book,
by Gary Paulsen.
is about a boy named Brian whose parents are divorced and he is going to see his father in Canada. His pilot has a heart attack while they are flying, and the plane crashes into a lake. Now Brian has to survive in the Canadian wilderness alone. This is a person vs. nature conflict because Brian has to try to survive in the wilderness.
An example of person vs. self conflict is the
My Sister's Keeper
by Jodi Picoult.
Person vs. self conflict is when the character
struggles with an inner problem and often has
to make a decision.
(Internal conflict)
My Sister's Keeper
is about a girl named Anna Fitzgerald, who is born to be a donor for her older sister, Kate. Throughout the book she has to decide whether or not to give her sister one of her kidneys. After suing her parents and going to court, Anna dies in a car crash, and Kate gets her kidney. This is a person vs. self conflict because Anna has to decide what to do.
Person vs. Person is a conflict between two characters and their opinions or beliefs.
(External conflict)
One example of Person vs. Person conflict
is the movie
is three stories put into one movie.
Each story is about two friends fighting with each
other, and end up being frenemies. Then at the end they make up. One of the stories is about two twin sisters that switch places. Then one of the sisters wants to switch back, but other doesn't, so they become frenemies. At the end, they make up and switch back. This is a person vs. person conflict because each character is mad and doesn't like the other person and go against each other.
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There are four types of conflicts in literature.
1. Person vs. Nature
2. Person vs. Self
3. Person vs. Person
4. Person vs. Society
Person vs. Society is a conflict between
a character and society or a group.
(External conflict)
An example of character vs. society conflict is
the movie
Gnomeo and Juliet.
Gnomeo and Juliet
is about a girl and boy gnome that fall in love, but their families hate each other. So, they sneak out and are always careful so they won't get caught. This is a character vs. society conflict because they want to be together but society doesn't let them. This movie is based on the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
The End
By Mrs. Foust
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