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Beliefs about teaching listening

No description

Cristiana Osan

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Beliefs about teaching listening

Listening - difficult skill?
Introductory activities
they prepare the learners for the task
they introduce the topic of the listening
sometimes necessary to pre-teach vocabulary
How many times?
The general rule for listening activities:
1st listening - listening for the gist
2nd listening - listening for details and amending answers
Authentic or graded?
for lower level students, graded listening are necessary
for higher level students, authentic ones bring learners closer to real life situations
with authentic listening, the selection of the materials and the design of the task is crucial
Beliefs about teaching listening
Most students find it difficult because of:
the speed of speaking
different accents
psychological fears
no time to analyse the speech
lack of experience and practice
being aware of the name of the skill is not very important
strategies are important to support the learners
young learners and beginners must approach it in a fun way
specialists need to know them
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