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The Museum of a New Nation


JoAnna Richards

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of The Museum of a New Nation

The museum of a new nation
Here you have the pleasure of viewing my front piece, my focal point, from both an arial and side views. :D
Basically, the sculpture is composed of seven sides, each with a face of one of our first presidents. The more personalized area of the sculpture is in each of the Presidents' eyes. In the place of their pupals, there will be a picture of an event most important to their presidentcy from their perspective, sort of like a political cartoon, only with the Presidents' ideas and beliefs.
My museum is one of a kind and it shows, from inside and out.
Focal Point
Blueprints of newly constructed "Museum of a New Nation."
The fat arrow is pointing to the area of the picture where the image that is in the Presidents' eyes will be, only larger. The other small arrow is pointing to where there is an image of the vice president of each of these presidents.
First Floor
Second Floor
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