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How effective is the combination of your main product and an

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Tammy Taylor

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of How effective is the combination of your main product and an

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
This poster instantly shows its humorous by the image of the characters, as they are portrayed in funny body language and facial expressions. Being in the middle of the ‘frozen’ scenery quickly shows the audience where the film is located and the title is in an icy font which links in with the whole storyline. I think its a successful poster due to the simplicity but interesting use of the layout. Its not too busy but has enough on it to know what the films about and what kind of audience it is targeted at. This is definitely a poster that you can easily remember after seeing it once.

Another poster I will look at that is very successful is Fight Club. Although its quite an old film, its still rated as one of the top films and is easily recognised.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
To understand this full, I researched it and found some examples relating to the question. I have found some posters that have successfully created a relationship between the poster and the film. Instantly, the brand new Disney film frozen that was released this year and has become one of Disneys most successful films and the picture was still playing on 3,318 screens around the world.

$150,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend
$243,390 (USA) (24 November 2013) (1 Screen)

£4,704,940 (UK) (8 December 2013) (505 Screens)

Being one of Disneys best selling films, there's no doubt that the advertisement was a big part of this. The main poster used for Frozen kept with all the codes and conventions of a typical Disney poster.

The poster is very plain and has limited information on it but is also very powerful and intriguing. This could be due to the title being Fight Club but the image doesn’t necessarily show anything to do with fighting which could then go on for people to watch it to see what it really is about. The use of the famous characters being presented are important as it will get any fans of either of the actors attention, as well as the target audience. The colours used are very high in contrast and are very powerful and eye catching, with the neon colours of Green and Pink, with a hint of yellow. The bar of soap is iconic for those who have seen the film and those who haven’t, it intrigues them to find out the meaning behind it, as well as find out what the film is about.
One poster that I found unsuccessful with the relationship with the film was Spring Breakers.
Looking at the title and the meaning of it, the actors and the colour scheme, I expected a film based on teenagers lives when they go on Spring break and the events they take part in, including sex, drugs, parties and alcohol. By the poster, it looks like it would be a good film with a very well known cast and interesting storyline. However, the film isn’t anything to what the poster gives away. Its a very unexpected storyline and nothing really links in with the poster to the extreme things that happen in the film. I see that this poster was maybe to get the attention from boys but it still has very little information about what actually happens in the film.
When planning my poster and double page spread, I knew they all had to relate together with the film to be a success. I researched the different types of advertising methods, particularly from high grossing films that attract larger audiences. After looking into this, I knew exactly how to link them together; the use of the cocain letters links in the genre of film and what could be within the content, however I wanted to keep my poster quite limited and not give too much away. Through the use of the title, font and tag line, I’m hoping that it will be enough to engage the audience and make them want to know more about it.
Linking the poster and double page spread together, I stuck with the black background for some of the double page spread like my poster. I added an image of the drugs to the double page spread which heavily connects the poster, as well as with the film as drugs are shown within the film. I have kept the white text in both cases with the black background to link the products together. Everything I have included in my poster and double page spread are placed with them for a reason to link with the film. The cocain letters on the poster resembles the drug use in the film, the tag line resembles the main storyline of the lies, the images in the double page spread are of images taken within the making of the film and stills of scenes from the film. I have continued to use the colour Yellow on my double page spread as I have used that on my poster, as well as included the tag line on both products.

I have also used the same font from my poster to my double page spread which is also important in linking the two together as they look similar.

Throughout all the planning and drafts of my posters, its clear that they all link together with the film. The two drafts I had included and image of lines of Cocain with a rolled up note, and the other had a still from a scene within the film of everyone dancing. Both these images are quite obviously seen in the film as well as Cocain which is focused on towards the end of the film. They all link together. I focused mainly on linking the poster in with the film, then the double page spread with the poster as I found that easier and it worked out well. The double page spread uses dark colours as the film is set in dim lighting, images from the film, a post about drugs which obviously connects with the storyline.

I believe linking the main product to ancillary texts is extremely important in maintaing the audiences attention and recognition. Looking back at the 7 great ways to produce a successful looking poster, its clear how important it is to link in with the film and through research, the advertisement stages are extremely important in selling the film as can be seen through Frozen and more recent films.
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