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best of me project

No description

sophia crespillo

on 14 May 2017

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Transcript of best of me project

Im Thankful For..
my big sister, my motivation
Self Portrait: Sophia Liz Crespillo
March 11, 2017
My family and I enjoying a vacation at Disney World in 2017. Out of all the things in my life, these people are the glue that hold me together.
of my childhood to illustrate that some
things never change.
Sophia taking a nap with daddy
Me, stuffing my face with food
My best friends are the reason my life is so bright. My true supporters.
Amanda Reyes
Danielle Theodorides, Jennifer Rivero, Patricia Ortiz, and I at prom.
Some of my hobbies include writing and creating art
At Melanie's
graduation 2017
Melanie and Sophia spending time together at the mall in 2004
The greatest love I've ever felt has always came from my parents.
My Favorite Place..
No matter how old I get, I will always enjoy spending time in Magic Kingdom.
Plans for the future
I've always wanted to travel the world. The one place I see myself going is Hawaii.
Since I was a little girl, the only career I've wanted to pursue is teaching. This picture is from my favorite TV show, where one of the main characters is a teacher.
"How I Met Your Mother"
The Best Is Yet To Come
Some of the things I hope to accomplish in the future are to graduate, get married, buy a house, and have 3 kids
(one boy and twin girls)
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