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Sun Damage and Pre-mature Aging

Senior Project Presentation on UV Radiation damage to skin and how it causes pre-mature aging. This prezi wil also explore the dangers of tanning indoors, and what i have learned through job-shadowing a dermatologist.

Sydnie Landry

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Sun Damage and Pre-mature Aging

Sun Damage &
Pre-mature Aging Sydnie Landry Inspiration Mentors I was lucky enough
to have two! Dr.William T. Massengale, M.D. Dermatology Clinic
of Baton Rouge Research Paper Life Goal : Positively change and impact
AT LEAST one person's life Skin damage due to UV radiation

Technology used to assess and reverse signs of UV damage What is a tan? "Brown fat looks better than white fat" - Dr. Massengale - increased production of
melanin pigments - addiction Statistics Rates of melanoma have increased 800% since 1979.

Tanning indoors increases the chances of developing melanoma by 74%. The $100 Tale Product Educational Video: The Dangers of Tanning: Brittany's Story S T R E T C H Prezi
Video editing
Hands-on job-shadowing Research
Future career Thank You for your time. Questions? Technology Visia Complexion Analysis
Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing Radiation - burns epidermis
- damages/ alters keratinocytes Dr. Ann C. Zedlitz, M.D. Z Aesthetic Dermatology Helping Dr. Z with a CO2 procedure. The "Tanning Mom" - Patricia Krentcil invisible wavelengths of energy UVB UVA Extremely strong
- damage collagen and elastin
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