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Nursing Framework Presentation

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Trevor Goldsmith

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Nursing Framework Presentation

The feeling that one is cared about is an important element to a sense of well-being. As nurses, providing caring is one of our primary functions. One method of caring is being emotionally present for our patients. Making time to sit and visit with a patient allows an emotional connection to form, and gives the patient an opportunity to confide in someone.

Case Study Application:
Because the patient has just undergone surgery, the nurse performs regular and thorough pain assessments to assure his pain level is maintained at a comfortable level.
Although we as nurses may not have a similar condition to a patient, by putting ourselves in their place we can better understand what they may be feeling.

Case Study Application:
Imagining that one has lost their site and has just undergone major surgery due to an illness that is both chronic and progressive in its effects, an expected reaction would be one of fear and despair. Predicting this can help design more appropriate nursing interventions.
Nurses continually provide education to their patients through a variety of ways, enabling them to better understand and manage their own health

Case Study Application:
Because this patient has just undergone 2 serious organ transplants, his body is at serious risk for infection. By educating him on these risks and ways he can help to prevent infection, we empower him to have more control over his health. One of the goals of education is patient empowerment.
We can advocate for our patients by helping them be proactive about attaining the best quality of life possible.

Case Study Application:
Encouraging the patient to join a peer support group could provide a positive coping mechanism to living with a chronic disease, and provide ongoing support as his condition changes.
"Nursing actions directed toward preventing illness and promoting health to avoid the need for primary, secondary or tertiary health care" (Potter & Perry, 2013).

Case Study Application:
Diabetic patients should receive the influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations according to the CDC.
Combining objective and subjective data to make accurate and effective decisions for our patients.

Case Study Application:
Elevated temperature along with redness and swelling at the incision sites along with elevated white blood cells may be indicative of an infection
Health Management
Nurses manage the human response to illness through clinical practices.

Case Study Application:
Wound care, assessment, infection prevention, pain management, blood sugar and lab monitoring, medication administration, vital signs, ordering occupational therapy to help adjust to new blindness, patient education.
Scientific Application
Nurses use both the scientific method and logical thinking in caring for patients. After assessing and gathering evidence, appropriate actions are performed following best-practice guidelines. The results of performed actions are then carefully monitored and evaluated, and further decisions and actions arise from the result of those evaluations.

Case Study Application:
A nurse would continually evaluate the patient's hypertension, and modify the care plan based on the response
Nurses continually need to make sound, evidence based decisions. When decisions need to be made but the nurse is unaware of the most current research or best-practice, the nurse must look to literature and research the best course of action for the problem at hand. Nurses also participate in conducting research in order to generate new knowledge and contribute to the body of nursing literature.

Application to Case Study:
A nurse could find the most recent literature on safe and effective exercise programs for the blind
Nurses are continually coming up with ways to adapt their actions and plans of care to the individual patient

Case Study Application:
Because of the patient's developmental delay, new and adapted ways need to be used to communicate changes to the patient's health
Critical Thinking
Nurses cannot simply follow a routine, they need to carefully consider all of their actions and understand what consequences follow from those actions

Case Study Application:
Because the patient is now blind, many of the actions the patient previously performed will need to be modified
What is health?
Health is to maintain an optimal well-being through balancing the mind and body in the prevention of diseases and illnesses.
What is nursing?
Nursing is to care for individuals, families, and communities.
How do we care for others?
What does it mean?
Integrative-Interactive Paradigm
Personal Backgrounds
Elizabeth Greenhoe, Anne Hennes, Heather Hall, Kirsten Griffin, Se Her, Trevor Goldsmith

Education and Career
Love of science and the human body Desire to help and care for others
High family incidence of chronic illness
Case Study:
1. Relationships between phenomena are:
2. The nature of change is based on probability
Smith, M. J., and Liehr, P. R. (2008). Middle Range Theory for Nursing, (2nd ed.) New York: Springer.
Male patient, age 25
Cerebral infarction at birth
Developmentally delayed to age 14
Type I Diabetic
Chronic Kidney Disease
Simultaneous pancreas & kidney transplant
Recent diagnosis of blindness from diabetic nephropathy
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