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Characteristics of Folktales

This is a bacis overview of what a folktale is and discusses some different types.

Milton Nieto

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Characteristics of Folktales

Folktales What is a Folktale? Why were folktales created? Who told Folktales? What type of folktales are there? To teach cultural values and beliefs
Explain something Passed down from generation to generation
Often told by Native American cultures Fables
Tall Tales
Fairy Tales A type of story that is told orally from generation to generation between common people. Characteristics of Folktales are... Begin with Once upon a time or Long ago
Have good and bad characters
About people or animals
Explains something
Cultural beliefs
Problem to solve
Happy ending How Raven Brought Light
to the World WIDA Standard Level 2 Beginning: Describe story elements of various genres supported by illustration
Students will be able to recognize important facts about folktales and oral tradition. Language Objective: Students will be able to describe important characteristics of folktales, such as characters, setting, action, conflict, and resolution. Content Objective: What do these illustrations have in common? Do you recognize these tales?
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