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A Tale of Two Cities

No description

Michelle Martin

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of A Tale of Two Cities

Mr. Lorry will bring Dr. Manette back to London
Lucie will try to comfort her father after the many years he has spent in jail
Mr. Lorry: kind businessman at Tellson's Bank who is loyal to his work and responsibilities
Jerry Cruncher: a messenger for Tellson's Bank and a grave robber
Dr. Manette: spent 18 years imprisoned in Bastille due to their corrupt government; enjoys shoe making
Lucie Manette: daughter of Dr. Manette who is very loving and protective to her father
Major Events
Mr. Lorry is given the task to go to Dover and tell Lucie Manette that her father, Dr. Manette is still alive after he has been imprisioned for 18 years in the Bastille
Lucie is so surprised by this news that she faints
A Tale of Two Cities: The Night Shadows
Roberto Sullivan, Starlene Carolan, Nadia Fassa and Michelle Martin

Mr. Cruncher is confused by Lorry's message that he has to take back to Telllson's Bank. At Tellson's Bank, Mr. Lorry tries to find out more information about his mission by asking the spectre "Buried how long?" The spectre responses by saying eighteen years which refers to how long Dr. Manette has been imprisoned. Mr. Lorry goes on his assignment and waits in Dover for Lucie Manette, the daighter of Dr. Manette. Mr. Lorry and Lucie have met numerous times before as Lorry is a food friend of Dr. Manette. Mr. Lorry delievers the news to Lucie that her father is still alive. Lucie is competely shocked and faints at this realization.


Why was Lorrie assigned the task of telling Lucie that her father was still alive?
Why did Lucie think that her father was dead?
The message that Mr. Cruncher was confused about was when Mr. Lorry replied to Cruncher's note by saying, "Recalled to life."
Dr. Manette was imprisioned due to France's corrupt government at this time.
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