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Screamo and Emo Music

No description

Emily Wilke

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Screamo and Emo Music

Asking Alexandria

Started and why?: Asking Alexandria started in 2006 because Ben Bruce contacted his “companions” to return back to the UK and start a screamo band.

Who are they?: Well first, the members are Ben Bruce, James Cassells, Danny Worsnop, Cameron Liddell, Sam Bettley, Robin Everett, Kieran Taffinder, Binzi, Ryan Binns, and Joe Lancaster. All together, Asking Alexandria is the number one screamo band, well why, according to some of their fans,
“I love this band with everything I've got. I cannot stop listening to their music. The meanings behind the lyrics are incredible. No other band in the world can create music like they do. Especially if you've seen what Danny went though, you should be a proud fan.”

Background information: Asking Alexandria, formed in 2006 when Ben called up his “companions” to form a screamo band when they get back to the UK. AA has been known as the best band, due to their fans. Their fans have made them turn into what they have become today and also their struggles in life/ the past (mostly Danny) and really, thats what they sing most of the time. For example: “Words cannot describe what their music means to me<3. I cannot go one day without listening to Breathless, if I had a themesong , that would be mine! When Ben sings on Not the American Average , 3:40 - 4:27 . It is soo (word that won’t be said on this paper) amazing, I could scream. I'm going to see them next year;DD . I have a collection of their t-shirts in my wardrobe."
Emo History: The year it was really created is still yet unknown, but for sure we know that in the early 1980s and late 1990s has changed into more influential lyrics and have/ still are today. It all started out in D.C. when the band Rites Of Spring wanted a more punk rock/hardcore kind of music. Also, back then when it first started, it “emo” was for the music, but nowadays it has more meaning to it, music, love, clothing, etc. which is one small reason why emo and emo music has been dying throughout the years (mostly started around the early 2000s.) Emo music back then, was more for the teens with emotional unstable teens who are depressed and wanted something to cheer them up, for instance, emo music, even though there are still emo bands today that are for the emotional unstable depressed teens and not just because they are emo. For example:
“ I could validate the point that we are an emo band, and I could also go on the other side and invalidate it. It all comes down of whoever’s asking, their perception of what it is” says Jason Gnewikow from the “emo” band The Promise Ring.
Even though both genres have been around for a long time now, many people don't know why it was created or why each band has choosen this style of music. Some might say its for the money (mainly pop music) but if you take a look at some bands, you could actually see who they really are and what has choosen them to be who they are today.
Screamo and Emo Music
By: Emily Wilke

Emo Music: Was there before screamo yet was coming off of post-hardcore music along with stereotypes, emo music has more feelings towards teens who deal with emotional problems, but has been "branching off" do to screamo music.
Screamo Music: Even though its more aggresive than emo and is towards scene teens, the only difference is that screamo music has faster and louder beats on everything and some lyrics are harder to read understand.
Both: In both genres, scene and emo teens are able to relate to the music when its about life, emotional and personal events that happend to them. Also that they both give each type of teens a chance to be happy.
Todays emo and screamo music was different from back then, todays is all about life events and for just scene and emo teens, but back then, it was the complete opposite.
Screamo History: Screamo music is yet unknown when the year started, but we do know that screamo music is based off/ a sub genre of emo music for the scene teens. Even though it is still based off of emo music, it still can be considered emo due to what some people say,
“They are so close to each other, they can’t be considered as the same genera since its based off of the genera.”
Screamo music wasn’t really screamo music when it all started, it wasn’t the whole or mostly the whole song being screamo, but small bits of the song was screamo and has changed more and more throughout the few years. Another thing is that, screamo music started off with emo bands, which then started breaking off from each other into two totally separate genres.
Music comes in all sorts of generas but some, most don't know about, for example: screamo and emo music. Both generas may sound more dark to you but really, most of the time, its more happy music and have songs that changes peoples lives in a good way as well. Also, they both have bands that oneself might listen to be in the catagory of emo, screamo, and punk-rock, for example- Paramore, All Time Low, etc. Thirdly, both generas of music not only changed the way people are, like from happy to darker and happy, or sad to happy, but also both genres have saved lives of people who really needed it. Emo and screamo music may not be popular but that doesn't mean it could be the one thing that changes your life in ways like the differences/similartities, history and what/who they really are.
Black Veil Brides
Started and Why?: In 2006, Black Veil Brides started because Andy Biersack or to some Andy Sixx, wanted to help “emo” teens who had problems all around them, and to show people that there is a way to express feelings when you're down and not to be afraid, for instance, take the song Knives And Pens, this song was written by a boy who was around 13 at the time, and well these lyrics will help you,
“Well I can't go on without your love that you lost, you never held on.
(We tried our best. Turn out the light. Turn out the light!)”
Also in the song, Saviour, the whole song is about that don’t harm yourself or the others around, and most of all, everything will be ok, there is somebody there who will care and be your saviour to help you through all your problems.

Who are they?: Andy Biersack/ Andy Sixx, Jinxx, CC (Christian Coma), Ashley Purdy, and Jake Pitts. Even though non emos and scenes think that Black Veil Brides are just emos, *bad words* and worthless, they are wrong, Black Veil Brides is not only a band, but they are life savers, which I know this because I’m saying this with my own words and not some fans, even though they would say something like that. For example, one fan said,
“They are one of the most amazing bands ever they are very inspirational and they all have good personalities they are very talented and they are also very popular lots of people love this band and most say that they are their saviors and they are really amazing people most of them are in happy relationships and they seem very happy their music is not only inspirational but it is creative and fun to listen to I love to listen to it when I'm sad, happy,mad, or just wanting alone time I love Black Veil Brides”

Background information: Black Veil Brides are just like what was said before, saviours, who really have changed the hearts of emo and scene teens just by songs, yet others would say not, but BVB doesn’t care about what the haters say, that another reason why everyone loves them so much! BVB has come through a lot from the past years though, recently they had a member who left, Sandra who was the starter drummer (in the Knives and Pens video) who had some family problems, so thats where CC comes along, also all the others, Ashley and Jinxx.
Sleeping With Sirens
Started and why?
: 2009 when they thought it was right to make a change in how kids feel these days and to let the kids express and feel that they are not alone in this world and decided to do it with music. Also because Sleeping With Sirens not only started off as one of those garage bands, but they kept making their way up one step at a time other than audition for one show and your famouse just cause of looks and voice.

Who are they?:
Kellin Quinn, Justin Hills, Gabe Barham, and Jake Fowler
Jesse Lawson- left the band in 2011

Background information:
Sleeping With Sirens got their name from, “The group is known primarily for the versatility of vocalist Kellin Quinn's vocal range to which even the name for the band was directly derived and inspired for his musical role.” Sleeping With Sirens has been rising more and more every year, reaching out to emo/scene teens who need it, yet also “Now four years into their existence, the post-hardcore quintet Sleeping With Sirens continue to evolve and mature as artists, gradually shaping their unmistakable blend of fury and melody into a sound that’s wholly their own. The band’s third full-length album, Feel, presents another crucial step on the band’s ongoing journey toward their sonic destiny.” Also, Sleeping With Sirens started off in other bands like For All We Know, Broadway, and We Are Defiance.
Screamo and emo music have many different qualities that most don't know about and that both genres have intresting facts about their history, bands, and just the simple facts that people get wrong. Emo and screamo music still yet much more intresting facts to them, one is which that both genres have reduced suicide rates by 89%, yet to those who don't listen to the music just don't get it, they think of it as just screaming about dark things and death. Also the two genres have bands who you might listen to be in that catagory and you don't know it, for example: Paramore, Of Mice & Men, We The Kings, and All Time Low. Thirdly, screamo and emo music are actually a great way to relaxe, just because the name screamo may get to your brain about it all being about screamo the whole time and all songs are like that but not all songs are fully screamo, for example: Caraphenelia by Pierce The Veil, you can tell that only the chorus is actually "screaming" and not the entire song which some think. Screamo and emo music may not be in your disire, but that doesn't mean to judge it before you actually listen to the music and their meanings for the songs.
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