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Archetypal Elements in Little House on the Prairie by Laura

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Amber Parker

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Archetypal Elements in Little House on the Prairie by Laura

Archetypal Elements in
Little House on the Prairie
by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Archetype of the Hero/Heroine
Though Laura is not a typical superhero, she has many of the qualities of an archetypal heroine. First, she is born away from the city, in the Big Woods. She has lived there with her family until the beginning of the book,
Little House on the Prairie
, when her pioneering journey begins.
Archetypal Hero/Heroine
Laura also has a loyal group of friends in her older sister Mary, baby sister Carrie, and her trusty dog, Jack. Like most sisters, Mary and Laura sometimes disagree, but they generally get along and enjoy working and playing together. Jack, is Laura's loyal companion. She feels safe knowing that he is there to protect her as the family travels, and finally settles in a new home.
Archetypal Settings
Laura and her family travel through the wilderness of the Oklahoma Territory prairie to find their new homestead. It can be a place of chaos because they do not know what or who they will encounter. At night, Laura can hear the animals outside their cabin, including wolves!
Archetypal Situation
As Laura and her family travel, they often have to cross rivers. Some are easy crossings with low water. However, at one point in the journey, the crossing becomes treacherous! The river is deeper and is moving faster than Pa expected! The wagon almost capsizes, which would have been disastrous for the family. Though the family crosses safely, their trusty dog Jack is washed down stream. The family thinks that he must have drowned. However, the next day, Jack returns, tired and hungry, but safe! This is an archetypal example of a death and rebirth!
The Ingalls sisters are older in this picture, than in the book,
Little House on the Prairie
A brindle bulldog, like Jack.
Archetypal Cast
Laura's father, Pa is an archetypal mentor. He is very patient with little Laura and teachers her how to complete chores and help him on the journey and around the homestead.
Archetypal Symbol
Water is a symbol of life in Little House on the Prairie. One of the first tasks that must be completed when the family arrives at the homestead is digging a well to provide them with water. When the family becomes ill from "fever and ague" (malaria) in the book, only Laura has enough strength to crawl from bed and bring the family water.
Archetypal Setting
While the Ingalls family's log cabin on the prairie is not a traditional castle, it does provide a safe place for them and it protects them from the elements. It is small, but it is cozy and comfortable.
This Prezi is designed to demonstrate how one might complete the Archetypes Project. Please remember that while this sample only contains seven examples of archetypes, your project should contain twelve (unless you were directed otherwise by your teacher.

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