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How to blow bubbles.. Using bubble gum

Learn how to be an expert on blowing bubbles.

Frances Banner

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of How to blow bubbles.. Using bubble gum

How to blow bubbles ... ..Using Bubble GUM! First find the best type of bubble gum. There are many kinds! - Stride
- Dentyne
- Hubba bubba
- Trident
- 5 gum
- Dubble bubble
- Extra
- Mist
- Layers I just listed most of the major gum companys! Now pick the one that you like best! Chew the gum for about 5 minutes
And see if it has the right
consistensy Now follow these precise steps Number 1! Chew the gum and smooth it
out around the tip of your
tongue. Number 2! Number 3! Now push the gum out
towards you teeth. Number 4! Now lightly blow out
towards the gum. The gum should fill up with
air and make a bubble. If it doesn't work the first time,
try, try again. Once you have mastered the
art of blowing bubbles. Tell your friends
and see who can blow the bigger bubble! I hope you will enjoy
blowing bubbles as much as I do!
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