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TDD Simulation Game

No description

Rosana R

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of TDD Simulation Game

Kent Beck
Addison -
Wesley 2002

Test Driven
Development by
Example Test Driven Development - Ensure that your design is clean
- Shortens the programming feedback process
- Provides detailed specifications through tests
- Provides concrete evidence that your sw works.
- Supports evolutionary development
- Test coverage
- Documentation Tools - Java JUnit
- Ruby Test::Unit
- c++ gUnit
- .NET NUnit
- Python PyUnit TDD Benefits How TDD? - It is a design activity
- It is a software development
technique and one of the key
factors of XP.
- It s a test-first approach
- It leads to think about
"How to use a component'
first and then about
"How to implement" - Design: figure out what you what to do
- Test: write a test to express the design: It should fail
- Implement write the code
- Test again: It should pass Principles You are not allowed
to write any code
unless it is to make a failing
unit test pass. You are not allowed to write any more
of a unit test than is sufficient to fail. You are not allowed to write
any more code than
is sufficient to pass the one failing unit test. Red Green Refactor References David Astels

A practical guide Thank you!
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