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SAGE 2014 Competition Presentation

No description

Mo Crist

on 13 February 2016

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Transcript of SAGE 2014 Competition Presentation

City Charter High School
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
600 students
65% eligible for free/reduced lunch
60% from low income families
Diverse student body
12 story multi-use building
National Urban Graduation Rate: 50%
City High Graduation Rate: 97%
College Bound: 91%
SEB Criteria 1:
Cultivating the
SEED of Progress

Concerned with city's lack of recycling
City High SAGE proposes student run recycling service
Students from 4 grade levels volunteer to make a difference
Upperclassmen manage and train future SEED employees
Daily Recycling pick up/disposal
Environmentalism and Conservation Awareness
Creating New Opportunities
Impacting The Global Environment:
How much are we really recycling?
Four 150-200 lb bins
90 newspapers
Dump trucks worth of recyclables
5 tons per month
10 months in the school year
13 tons per dump truck
1 ton of paper
City High SAGE has saved
over 1600 trees
in just over 2 years!
Identifying New Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Electronics Recycling
School-wide collection of:
Cell phones
Electronics = new market for recycling business
Especially lucrative in our tech-based curriculum
Why is E-Recycling so important?
E-waste = 2% of landfills but 70% of Earth's toxic waste
Mercury, Lead, Nitric Acid, Cadmium, other dangerous chemicals invade our water sources/soil because electronics are not properly disposed of
SEED's Finances:

-Scholarships -Outreach Efforts
-Donations -Competition Expenses
Distribution of Funds
Base pay: $1800 per trimester
$5400 per year
PLUS Performance Based Incentives
$200-$1000 additional
Avg. $7000 per year
SEB Criteria 3:
Cultivating the
SEEDs of Sustainability

The Importance of Urban Greenspaces
Create an inviting oasis in a sea of concrete
Raise property values
Stabilize neighborhoods
Positively influence mental health
Relieve stress
Contribute to academic excellence

Clean ups in Emerald View, Shenley, Frick Park
Remove invasive species
Improved greenspaces on school grounds
Plant herbs, flowers, other plants each year
SEB Criteria 4:
Cultivating the
SEEDs of Community Outreach

Encouraging Diversity in Entrepreneurship
The Inclusion Project
SAGE, Mitsubishi Electric Foundation, and UCLA
National SAGE Inclusion Project
First Participants selected
Video Project
Theme: “Focus on Abilities”
National Logo Competition
1st place winner
"The only disability in life
is a bad attitude"
Community Outreach and Volunteering
Pittsburgh and Beyond
Jubilee Soup Kitchen
Prepare and serve meals
Heifer International - $200
Provides livestock, seedlings, ect.
Teaches entrepreneurship/environmentalism
Pittsburgh Marathon/Kids Marathon
Staffed water stations
Multiple-Sclerosis Walk
International Children's Festival
Assisted with Activities
Pittsburgh Women's Shelter
Tree Pittsburgh - $300
Restore/Protect city trees
SAGE Global
Cross-Cultural Connections
Our SAGE group built a relationship with SAGE Burkina Fasso after meeting delegates at the SAGE Global Competition in 2011.
SEB Criteria 5:
Cultivating the
SEEDs of the 21st Century

Use of Social Media and Technology
Our Website!
Follow us on Facebook
Utilizing Community Resources
SEB Criteria 2:
Cultivating the
SEEDs of Collaboration

Collaborative business relationships
Equipment Donation
SEED - recycling bins, garbage bags
Building Management
Recycling company contract
Corporate Sponsorship
Donations toward competition
Mentorship: Providing encouragement
"We'd like to say 'Thank You!' to our gracious community sponsors and friends"
Bethlehem Haven Women's Shelter
Domestic violence, addiction, employment counseling
City High SAGE Donates...
Toiletry items
Small potted spider plants
Brighten and encourage inspiring women overcoming hardships
Benefiting our fellow students
SEED's Greenspace Initiative:

Coming Soon!
Collaboration w/ Revamp'd in Boston!
Our Logo!
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