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Copy of Copy of Academic Representation Training Session

No description

Sabina Szydlo

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Academic Representation Training Session

College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Academic Representation
What is Academic Representation?
How Does Academic Representation Work??
Being a Rep
Change Agents
Change Agents
An illustration of success...
Get known
listen to other's views
Know how the university works
Justify your arguments and look for examples of good practice elsewhere
Follow up issues- if someone promises change make sure it happens
Program which allows students and staff to work together towards a common goal to improving learning and teaching.

Selecting concerns which are raised in SSLC or suggested by students in response to request for ideas.

Small research project, present your findings to staff and get involved in implementing the outcomes.
Academic Reps are vital to the student experience! You have the power to influence how subjects are taught across the university!
Order of Service:
- Library Champions
- What is Academic Representation?
- Introductions
- Being a Rep
- The Perfect Rep game
- How does it work?
- Change Agents
NSS results showed dissatisfaction with advice and support from staff surrounding feedback...
Students were not happy with how promptly they were receiving feedback.
It was a major issue across the University

It showed up in SSLC reports three times amore than any other issue
Feedback became a major issue for discussion within the university
Evidence was used to demonstrate problem
Faculty Reps and VP: Academic Affairs fought for CHANGE
Ensuring the Student Experience is the BEST it can be!
3 WEEK TURNAROUND policy for essays introduced
All work back quicker, helping students achieve high standards
7% improvement in NSS 'promptness of feedback'
Sabina Szydlo (me)
Student Engagement, Widening Participation and Internationalisation Coordinator (Exeter)
Imogen Sanders
VP Academic Affairs
James Smith
Academic Representation Co-ordinator (Guild)
Sophie Brown
Bioscience Subject Chair
Hannah Barton & Alex Philips
Psychology Subject Chairs
Joe Thorogood
Geography Subject Chair
Anastasiia Gorbunova
Psychology PGT&PGR Subject Chair
Matthew Thatcher
Sport & Health Sciences Subject Chair
Bioscience Subject Chairs
Chaz Malyon & Cori Lowe
Geography Subject Chairs
Claire Young
Student engagement, Widening Participation and Internationalisation Coordinator (Tremough)
The Perfect Rep
1) get into pairs
2) draw 'the Perfect Rep'
3) explain why they are perfect

eg) big ears because they are good listeners...
Who is in the SSLC?
450 Course Reps

50 Subject Chairs

3 Faculty Reps
Course Reps:
find out academic opinions
represent opinions at meetings attended
feedback outcomes of meetings
Subject Chairs:
Chair SSLC meetings
coordinate course reps
communicate between SSLC and Guild
What is discussed at SSLC?
Internal and External systems of accountability:

NSS (National Students Survey)
External Examiners Reports

MACE (Module And Course Evaluation )

Other businesses
Decide if this is for you – sign up today!
We will get in touch
Email list
Promotional poster
A chance to influence Library decision making
Develop skills in advocacy, negotiation, budgeting and promotion
Rapid response when you need more books
A key role to add to your CV
Exeter Award volunteering hours
The Library will provide a certificate to acknowledge your input and will offer references
Regular meetings with Subject Librarians
Collate feedback on Library services/resources
Act as a sounding board for Library proposals
Suggest service developments
Promote the Library in your department
Spend a budget on Library resources identified by you/your peers
Any other projects you’d like to initiate!
Taught students, ideally final year undergraduates or Masters students (recent Exeter graduates)
One for each subject area (Streatham and Cornwall)
How you can get more involved with the Library
Library Champions
Charlotte Leyland - SE Manager
Other projects!
Cultural Café
Buddy Up
Good assessment
Web pages for prospective students
Oliver Maskrey & Georgia Cass
Felicity Southworth
Psychology PGR Forum Subject Chair
Chaired by Subject Chairs
Academic Affairs/Guild
A student run nature/science magazine

Module description wriiten by students from their perspective
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