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Lighting thief


Adrianna Perry

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Lighting thief

The Lightning Theif 1. Why does Percy feel Miserable once he gets his own cabin?
A: Percy feels Alone Because he has no one else in his cabin. The other kids are wary of him and stay away.
2. Why does Zues think Percy stole the bolt.
A: Zues thinks that Percy has stolen the bolt because in the past Posiden has tried to take over the thron from Zues. and Posidon has claimed Percy which makes it more suspicious. 3.Why can't the gods retrieve the bolt themselves?
A: The gods can't retrieve it because they can't go into one anothers territory. 4.Why does have to Travel Overland?
A: He has to travel overland because Zues is the god of the sky and he wants to kill Percy so if he took a plane it could end badly 5.what will happen on the summer solstice if the bolt is not returned?
A: All the gods will fight in a war and it would mean the wnd of the world for mortals.
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