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Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness: Building Commitment Rather

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Judy Mueller

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness: Building Commitment Rather

National Council on Teaching and Learning, 2013

Not linear – effective teaching doesn't lead to immediate improvement on test scores.


Clear focus on and commitment to achievement
Targeted professional development approach that leads to targeted instructional support for all students.

Gain trust prior to Teachscape mini-observation through coaching cycle.
Multiple conversations with teachers provide data that drives departmental PD
Each full day of PD - 60-90 mins of professional development
Questioning and Discourse
Active Learning Strategies to Increase Engagement

Building SLO and connecting to teacher SLO
Example: Making connections among initiatives

Shifting instruction through coaching cycles versus coaching events
Example: Building capacity and deep learning

Setting up coaching cycle around PPG and/or SLO
Example: Building relationship around student growth

Structured coaching cycles
Example: Curriculum and delivery model shift
Example: Refining practice

System Specialist Role
Support teaching staff to be proficient & distinguished
Teachscape Mini-Observations
Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness: Growing Commitment Rather Than Compliance – A Systemic Approach

Roots - Continuous Improvement
Trunk - Principals
Branches - System Specialists
Leaves - Teachers
Fruit - Students
At least 35 states now use student performance data in evaluating teacher effectiveness.
Value-added measured have not been proven and are flawed.
(Educational Leadership: “Challenges of Value-Added Assessments).
Do standardized tests really demonstrate that students have learned more?
Children from different backgrounds will not have equal success.
"It's true for me."
We need to help teachers develop a different
perception of Educator Effectiveness.

Teachers value feedback.
Teachers want to be successful
with students.
Nutrients - EE Process
Work with 5th-8th Grade, monthly meetings as check-in (ITLS)
1:1 planning, execution, professional development
Focus on purpose: "What do you want your kids to do?"
Curriculum Implementations - move to electronic resources
Classroom Strategies (1:1 management, learning tools, formative feedback)
Examples: Kahoot, Socrative, Screencastify,

PD For Teachers based around need
Examples: Google Classroom as management & assessment
Coaching around needs, feedback from mini-observations to help give feedback and set up future goals
99% Graduation Rate

Educator Effectiveness
Student Performance
Teacher Evaluation (EE)
Teacher Leadership
Compensation Model
FPS Motto:
Personal Success
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