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60 Second Shop

No description

Jess Rogerson

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of 60 Second Shop

60 Second Shop
- let's build a strong foundation

There's no more shying away from
60 SS - it should be used in every call, all the time.

60 SS will help you achieve your KPIs!

VIDEOS ARE A MUST TO REITERATE YOUR PITCH (- we can see how often 60SS pages are used!)
- Activate - sign up the retailer!
You need to deliver 60 SS with the same passion and enthusiasm you have for our brands!

Are you going to lead the way?
Educate Yourself
SSCAR - Approach - the hook!
We need to start landing 60 Second Shop in stores - currently we are not building a strong foundation for 60 SS and if we're not careful any work we do on it next won't stick!
Need the desire to improve
Let's refresh and
build strong foundations!
As part of your
initial benefit statement
tell the retailer you have an exciting new tool for them to use that will help their store - you'll have a quick look round and come back and tell them all about it!
Do you know the concept, and key statistics behind the 60 Second Shop tool?

It is your job to educate the retailer - if you've not learnt the facts this will be a lot harder - your responsible too for your learning - read up on the facts and figures. If in doubt ASK!

SCAR - Store Walk - check does the store fulfill the 3pillars?
Make notes to use in your sales presentation and review objectives.
The Idea
“60 SS is a tool designed to make shoppers lives easier, 60 SS gives your customers more idea, more choice, more quickly.”

Generation C
with their shop, delighting the customers and increasing basket spend for the retailer!

1st aim is


= make it easy to shop with range and merchandising that shoppers want and can easily find.

1/3 of sales are lost if a product is not available.
¼ of shoppers buy beer or cider to consume within the next 2 hours.
Intro the retailers to the planograms - bring them over to the fridge.
Minimum 2 facings per product.

2nd aim is
= deliver value beyond price for the shopper with promotions, PMP and special offers.
¼ of shoppers say they are encouraged to buy more than they would normally if the pack was price marked.
62% of beer and cider shopper's say value for money is important to them.
Carling Off Season doubled 15pk sales YOY = additional £1.3m for the channel in 5 weeks.

Offer the customers more and help them save!
3rd pillar is
= Inspire the shopper with ideas and solutions to match key occassions.

Over 40% of shoppers agree they are encouraged to spend more if stores sell different products together.
Between 3-5pm 1/3 of UK adults haven’t decided what to eat for dinner that night = opportunity!

Merchandise commonly purchased products together.
Use signage and POS.

This is the last pillar to master!
AR - Sales Presentation & Closing the Deal
it is all linked!
Ask open questions - to see how their consumers shop.
What's the BENEFIT to the retailer?!
Fit your KPI objectives into the 60SS presentation
- eg. Ease of shop is about have the correct range available, the ale category is in growth as you mentioned before but you don't have the no.1 selling cask ale Doom Bar which I have available today (show POR calc) is this something you'd be interested in.
Pricing issues - Ease of shop about helping Generation C to shop quicker, you currently don't have pricing on items in your fridge which will slow it down so it isn't an enjoyable shopping experience, I can put these on for you now, for our perfect store these need to be in on entry....
Sign up the retailer to the 60SS website once you've educated him and fulfill other objectives.

When summing up on your way out to the retailer show them what you've done and how it links to 60SS
. Eg. All your ales now have 2 facing increasing ease of shop and this will mean you keep availability for longer and remember a 1/3 of sales are lost if a product is unavailable so this will keep more money going in your till! Don't forget to look on the website!
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