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Brand, message and social media

Scouting: a case study

Matthew Jones

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Brand, message and social media

Social media risks
Getting the message
Brand, message and social media
Our tone of voice
Positively challenging
2. It's challenging...
1. It's positive...
163, 153
Source: www.charitycommission.gov.uk, accessed 9 September 2013
Young people are invited to attend a water activities day to sample Scouting activities, including the construction of rafts. They are advised that a change of clothes will be required and we cannot take responsibility for items of clothing that become wet or damaged. Scouting experience is not required.
Matthew Jones
Communications Team | The Scout Association
On Facebook's top 10 brand pages*

drive the most engagement
Photo & Video
are shared 12x more than links & text post combined
are liked 2x more than text updates
What Scouts think
Brand essence
Everyday adventure

What do we do? We challenge you
What do we deliver? Fun and a positive impact

Our tone of voice:
Challenging, Simple, Fun, Real, Optimistic

Our strapline: Be prepared

Fun, Friendship, Inclusive, Confident, Trusted
Start conversation
Teach how to do something
Provide relevant information
The Content Marketing Institute Content Mix Pyramid
Case study 2: sharing SCW 2013
Approaches to managing risk
...because we believe we can change lives for the better;
...because we are confident about our ability to provide everyday adventure;
...because we’re optimistic about the future.

...because we’re honest that our work is not always easy – and there’s always more to do;
...because we know that people have misconceptions about Scouting that we need to challenge;
...because we want to challenge negative perceptions about young people.

Be receptive to new forms of social media
Be clear about who we are and what we do

Focus on fun, challenge, everyday adventure and making a positive impact

Promote girls in Scouting – 60,000 girls and nearly 50,000 female leaders

What the public thinks
Organisational perception research
Alternative approach:
Ask the question:

"what are you saying and
how are you saying it?"

Is there a secret to social media?
How to engage
Be active
Be interesting
Be useful
Be inspiring
Set challenges
Instil pride – the ‘warm glow’
Listen to people
Include a call to action
Practical tips for posting
Enrich posts with video and image content
Update regularly – at least three times daily
Schedule posts – morning, lunch break, commute home, evening
Use hashtags to maximise cross-platform activity

Reactive – we can respond quickly to hot topics and subjects that are trending
We can retweet [RT] our followers to spread messages to a wider network
Also try to engage influencers – @ very active individuals, high-profile figures and organisations

Practical tips for tweets
Be concise – you've only got 140 characters!
Use a URL shortener such as bitly, goo.gl, ow.ly, tinyURL
Employ your own hashtags and use popular tags e.g. #goodturntuesday, #fb
Manage your accounts with a social media dashboard such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck
Opening the door to negativity
Becoming a target for trolling and flaming
Being hacked
Over-exposure or over-promotion
Susceptibility to being hijacked by fake users, identities and pages
Don't feed the troll
Hide/report/ban if necessary
Try to encourage users to be self-policing
Be as secure as possible
Develop a social media policy
Deal with negativity carefully
Monitor use of your brand
Being 'on brand' with communications

Whenever we’re sending an email campaign, posting something on our Facebook timeline, sending a tweet or writing an article for Scouting magazine, we aim for a consistent identity and tone of voice.
*YouTube, Coca-Cola, MTV, Disney, Red Bull, Converse, Starbucks, PlayStation, Oreo, Walmart
Use the analytics tools that your admin accounts provide
Consider investing in analytics software such as Adobe SocialAnalytics, Quintly or Unmetric
Monitor engagement: views, retweets, pins, shares, likes
Look at 'buzz' and see how this is translating to referrals, requests or conversions
Come up with some KPIs: growth rate, average engagement rate
Look at competitors: what are they doing well?
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