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Interstate highway system presentation

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Alex Geyer

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Interstate highway system presentation

The Eisenhower Interstate-Highway System was created in 1956
Most people in America were in support of the Interstate originally but some later realized the negative side effects of the project on them

The creation of the Interstate Highway system was justified because it provided efficient and fast transcontinental travel, improved the economy and provided a safe escape route in case of an attack.
Those opposed to the interstate were against it due to:
Destruction of homes and neighborhoods
Environmental Effects
Traffic jams during construction
The interstate system connects all major cities in America and allows for speedy travel between cities
The speedy and efficient travel greatly improved the economy by increasing profitability among business owners.
There was concern of attacks on some major cities in America at this time from Russia. The interstate system provided a safe and fast escape from the large cities in America.

The Federal-Aid Highway Act was widely supported throughout all three branches

Passed by a landslide in the House (388-19)

But a closer margin in Senate (41-39)

President Eisenhower was probably its biggest supporter and signed it on July 29, 1956.

The law was approved by The Supreme Court

Eminent Domain gave the government the power to clear out property in the way of the interstates

Also the interstates supports the military if needed so And because of this The Elastic Clause of the Constitution supports the law
Most normal Americans were in support of the interstate system

Business owners greatly supported it

International communities were also excited for the new highway system
U.S. Interstate Highway System
Presented by: Alex Geyer
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