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on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Disney

"Corporate Disney
In Action"

"For the folks at Disney, the philosophy is simple: The movie is the primary product and serves as the inspiration for the merchandise that flows from it."
Controlling the Empire
"Our Characters are the foundation of our business and project the image of our company, so it's imperative that we control who uses them and how they are used." - Paul Pressler

The Culture and Civilization Approach
Arnold sees lower classes as incapable of this uplift
His division of society is Barbarians (aristocracy), Philistines (middle class), and Populace (working class).
Arnold does not envision working-class, middle-class and aristocratic students all walking down the same road to culture.

"A simulation ‘the generation by models of a real without origins or reality
The distinction between simulation and the ‘real’ implodes"
"The ‘real’ and the imaginary continually collapse into each other"
"Result:reality and simulation are experienced without a difference"
Jean Baudrillard
An identical copy without an original
Disney is the master of this
Each Disney character is an example of this
Disney Princesses
Mickey Mouse
Video Clip
Sophia Grace & Rosie
Meet the Disney Princesses

Do you think that the forces that are behind Disney to promote their next feature film is necessary?
What are the positives and negatives to hyperreality?
Why do you think people actively seek out hyperreal experiences?
Do you think that "Disney Synergy" is necessary or the reason for their success?
What could be another form of Disney synergy?
Video Clip
Disney Tunnels
"Disney's Popularity or universality is not automatic, but a result of deliberate, coordinated marketing, advertising, and promotional activities."
Worries about entrance of growing middle and working classes into politics
Rise of a popular culture from these classes is threatening, anarchistic
Wants to protect and share Culture
"Disney Company does not merely advertise its products; it publicizes and promotes the Disney brand through a multitude of calculated and highly coordinated strategies and schemes, both in the USA and in Foreign Markets"
Matthew Arnold
The marketing and merchandising effort is not a haphazard or casual affair.
The Disney Company insists on coordinating all aspects of the design and marketing of the products
Jean Baudrillard
Disney has long been known for its tough enforcement of intellectual property rights and has a rich history of litigation against and / or harrassment of potential copyright
The Disney name is an attraction for potential employees, who may have dreamed all their lives about working at the studio or one of the theme parks. Still, the allure of the Magic Kingdom can be deceptive
"[...] Disney is the only one that actually does it. They know how to squeeze 'synergy' until it screams for mercy"
"Talk Tough, Talk Cheap, and keep total control"
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